IRC log from the meetup on January 13, 2010

[21:02 GMT] <PeteMall> <meetup>
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> thanks to pete and chris for posting the missing logs
[21:04 GMT] <photomatt> we had talked about making meetup basically like a 1-hour bug triage
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> so does anybody have some favorites?
[21:05 GMT] <jjj> favorite bugs?
[21:06 GMT] <jjj> They’re all so good, I don’t know where to start!
[21:07 GMT] <GIGALinux> is somewhere a list of features which sould be go into bbpress 1.1, like a roadmap?
[21:07 GMT] <nerieru> since nothing is talked about right now
[21:07 GMT] <nerieru> how about the docs?
[21:07 GMT] <nerieru> they need an update
[21:07 GMT] <nerieru> I posted about helping out with that in the topic on the forum
[21:07 GMT] <photomatt> GIGALinux: yes, anon posting, email notifications, and bug fixes
[21:08 GMT] <photomatt> nerieru: we added 5 people access to the site to be able to update the docs, they should be getting better
[21:08 GMT] <GIGALinux> photomatt: thanks
[21:08 GMT] <nerieru> ok so you don’t need help with that?
[21:08 GMT] <photomatt> nerieru: well if there are mistakes you still see, please point them out!
[21:08 GMT] <photomatt> of course it can be made better
[21:08 GMT] <filosofo> You can see my work so far on anon posting in #1239
[21:08 GMT] <wp-trac-bot> filosofo: normal, normal, 1.1, filosofo->Unassigned, new, Login-less Posting
[21:08 GMT] <nerieru> Cus frankly my php skills are low, so I’m starting with writing plugins, thought I could help with that as well
[21:09 GMT] <nerieru> well where to start matt, it doesn’t even begin to compare with wp’s codex
[21:09 GMT] <jjj> photomatt, is the emphasis is on growing bbPress out to include WP functionality, or making it a core plugin that can use what WP can already do?
[21:10 GMT] <jjj> I have a feeling I could have bbPress turned into a core plugin pretty quickly.
[21:10 GMT] <photomatt> jjj: for 1.1, just improving in-place functionality
[21:11 GMT] == Michael_Kuhlmann [] has joined #bbpress
[21:11 GMT] <PeteMall> jjj: thats exactly what I want to do… but we need to support the users and fix the bugs in the current stable version first
[21:11 GMT] <PeteMall> the future of bbPress may be a core plugin but it’ll have to wait until the next release
[21:11 GMT] <nerieru> hehe good
[21:12 GMT] <nerieru> I hope it doesn’t turn into one
[21:12 GMT] <hajii> Relevant Post Links broken
[21:12 GMT] == Michael_Kuhlmann has changed nick to mfgmk
[21:12 GMT] <nerieru> also matt, I don’t mind putting together a codex for making bbpress themes
[21:12 GMT] <nerieru> like wp’s
[21:12 GMT] <hajii> post count bug
[21:12 GMT] <nerieru> cus right now it pretty much only says which files are needed/possible
[21:13 GMT] <hajii> couple RSS related ones I can’t find right off hand
[21:13 GMT] <photomatt> hajii: I’m opening these in tabs as you point to them
[21:13 GMT] <photomatt>
[21:13 GMT] <hajii> Those I posted are definitely “BROKEN” not feature requests
[21:14 GMT] <hajii> 0750 permissions for my-templates and my-plugins (non-wordpress-like)
[21:15 GMT] == mfgmk has changed nick to avenuek9
[21:15 GMT] <photomatt> hajii: that’s a good one, agreed it should be 755
[21:15 GMT] <hajii> That’s enough truly ‘broken’ stuff for 1 week. I am truly just recording here to post the IRC log on the blog. Gotta run.
[21:16 GMT] <hajii> Oops, 3 RSS related ones: RSS Feeds not validating
[21:17 GMT] <hajii> Invalid RSS feed when a tag has no posts associated with it
[21:17 GMT] <hajii> rss.php errors
[21:17 GMT] <hajii> 1209 has a patch by gautam
[21:18 GMT] <PeteMall> photomatt: do u think it makes sense to have a a la wpdevel?
[21:18 GMT] <PeteMall> we already hajii doing bug gardening
[21:19 GMT] <PeteMall> and there are a few people interested in bug fixes
[21:25 GMT] <jjj> photomatt, I like that idea
[21:25 GMT] <jjj> petemall also
[21:26 GMT] <photomatt> PeteMall: I’m not opposed, but we’re already fragmented and there’s only a few people
[21:26 GMT] <photomatt> not 50+ like in WP
[21:26 GMT] <PeteMall> true… I just feel like it helps ppl concentrate on their tasks and get other involved
[21:28 GMT] <jjj> petemall, do you have a username?
[21:29 GMT] <PeteMall> PeteMall
[21:29 GMT] <PeteMall> or developersmind
[21:29 GMT] <photomatt> I’m going to spend the afternoon going through those tickets, don’t really have anything else for the agenda
[21:29 GMT] <photomatt> any final topics?
[21:30 GMT] <filosofo> photomatt, what’s game for patching?
[21:30 GMT] <filosofo> For example, i’d like to add documentation,
[21:30 GMT] <filosofo> remove the use of deprecated functions in core,
[21:30 GMT] <filosofo> but because those aren’t critical, I’m wondering if the patches have a chance
[21:30 GMT] <filosofo> to get in before getting stale.
[21:31 GMT] <filosofo> Or before bbPress gets turned into a “core” plugin. 🙂
[21:32 GMT] <photomatt> absolutely
[21:32 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: did you want to commit your anon ticket directly?
[21:32 GMT] <filosofo> that would be nice. It’s still a work in progress.
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[21:41 GMT] <PeteMall> anything else?
[21:42 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: could you confirm your username
[21:42 GMT] <photomatt> nm, it’s on the ticket
[21:42 GMT] <filosofo> photomatt, it’s filosofo everywhere in wp-land 🙂
[21:45 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: you should be able to commit directly to bbpress SVN now, want to try it and put “fixes #1239” in it so it closes the ticket?
[21:45 GMT] <wp-trac-bot> photomatt: normal, normal, 1.1, filosofo->Unassigned, new, Login-less Posting
[21:45 GMT] <filosofo> one moment…
[21:46 GMT] <GIGALinux> first ticket + patch #1240
[21:46 GMT] <wp-trac-bot> GIGALinux: normal, normal, 1.1, GIGALinux->Unassigned, new, Installer CSS improvements
[21:47 GMT] <filosofo> photomatt, seems to work great, thanks
[21:48 GMT] <CIA-14> bbPress: filosofo * r2390 /trunk/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Adding most anon posting functionality; fixes #1239
[21:48 GMT] <wp-trac-bot> CIA-14:
[21:48 GMT] <wp-trac-bot> CIA-14: normal, normal, 1.1, filosofo->Unassigned, closed, Login-less Posting
[21:48 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: *applause* congrats 🙂
[21:50 GMT] <jjj> congats filosofo! woop woop!
[21:50 GMT] <filosofo> thanks 🙂
[21:52 GMT] <photomatt> one ticket down
[21:52 GMT] <photomatt> that’s a good note to end the meetup on
[21:52 GMT] <photomatt> </meetup>