IRC log from the 30 December 2009 meetup.

[21:01 GMT] <photomatt> <meetup>
[21:01 GMT] <matveb> Hi there
[21:02 GMT] <photomatt> howdy
[21:02 GMT] <photomatt> holidays have been fun, but distracting πŸ™‚
[21:02 GMT] <photomatt> I’ve been looking at subscription plugins today — none are a direct fit for core
[21:03 GMT] <matveb> πŸ™‚
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> so I’m going to try and take a different approach, using the taxonomy tables
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> if it works we can also shift “”favorites”” to be in taxonomy instead of comma-separated in bb_usermeta
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> which will make querying them much easier
[21:03 GMT] <matveb> that is fine
[21:04 GMT] <matveb> I read your reasoning about the plugin
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> anyone else have any requests or todos I may have missed?
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> I lost my todo notebook, so I’m floating listlessly right now
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> downside of using paper
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> the battery life is great, but no great backup strategies
[21:06 GMT] <matveb> carbon copy?
[21:06 GMT] <matveb> but no, no request
[21:07 GMT] <matveb> just that I could not make it before and wnated to know
[21:07 GMT] <matveb> in which way I could contribute
[21:08 GMT] <photomatt> what do you enjoy doing?
[21:09 GMT] <matveb> mostly design and theming work
[21:09 GMT] <StevenHodson> this made sound strange or silly but what about the idea of encouraging the plugin developers that remain to take part in an “”Adopt a Plugin”” campaign .. there’s a lot of plugins that are really good but have been abandoned pre 1.0
[21:10 GMT] <Nightgunner5> Oh wow
[21:10 GMT] <matveb> documentation also
[21:10 GMT] <Nightgunner5> I made it to the meetup
[21:10 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: would you be up for designing a new features page?
[21:10 GMT] <matveb> yep, sure
[21:11 GMT] <photomatt> bring it to the meetup next week and we’ll talk about it
[21:11 GMT] <matveb> ok, what should I bare in mind
[21:11 GMT] <photomatt> StevenHodson: any plugins that stand out to you as essential? it’d probably be better to target efforts
[21:11 GMT] <StevenHodson> <as an aside note: I will be putting together a series on Converting from SMF to bbPress as I just finished doing this – along with a custom them>
[21:11 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: I like this page –
[21:12 GMT] <matveb> πŸ™‚
[21:12 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: Most of _ck_’s plugins would go on the list of “”essential””
[21:12 GMT] <photomatt> as we bring things in core hopefully we can eliminate the need for many plugins
[21:13 GMT] <photomatt> plugins in bbpress are often the equivilent of patches in WP
[21:13 GMT] <StevenHodson> photomatt : well I could put together a list .. but it would be coming from the POV of converting existing forums over to bbpress because there are a lot of things in “”traditional”” forums that aren’t in the core .. like “”Unread Posts””
[21:14 GMT] <Nightgunner5> I’d say plugins like Unread Posts are more like patches than PHP4BB
[21:14 GMT] <Nightgunner5> (Unread Posts should be in core, PHP4bb is better as a plugin)
[21:14 GMT] <PeteMall> photomatt: u were gonna give me svn access
[21:15 GMT] <StevenHodson> I would agree with Nightgunner5 on that .. I like the plugin approach that bbpress has right now but it does make it rather heavy sometimes (as I look at all the plugins I have installed)
[21:15 GMT] <photomatt> PeteMall: I did, try it
[21:15 GMT] <PeteMall> will do
[21:16 GMT] <PeteMall> been juggling many diff projects and plugins
[21:16 GMT] <photomatt> as a quick survey, how many plugins do your forums have?
[21:16 GMT] <Nightgunner5> bbPress Attachments is kind of a gray area for plugins vs core
[21:16 GMT] <StevenHodson>”*36
[21:16 GMT] <StevenHodson> no .. 32
[21:17 GMT] <matveb>”*18
[21:17 GMT] <Nightgunner5> All (15) | Active (13) | Inactive (1) | Autoloaded (1)
[21:17 GMT] <PeteMall> tooo many… we need to cut that down
[21:17 GMT] <matveb> but many are simple twicks by Michael
[21:17 GMT] <StevenHodson> <side note to Nightgunner5 I have the server guys trying to figure out why that one won’t work for me >
[21:17 GMT] <TCI-CrimsonIdol> Hi all.. 24 active plugins
[21:18 GMT] <photomatt> 5 active plugins here
[21:18 GMT] <Nightgunner5> 2 by _ck_, 3 by MDA, 1 by Matt, and 9 by me
[21:18 GMT] <StevenHodson> plugins like Allow Images though seem that they shold be a part of the core
[21:18 GMT] <Nightgunner5> StevenHodson: Agreed
[21:19 GMT] <StevenHodson> as should all the BBCode stuff
[21:19 GMT] <Nightgunner5> I think bbCode is a plugin
[21:19 GMT] <StevenHodson> it is
[21:19 GMT] <Nightgunner5> WordPress works fine with only HTML
[21:19 GMT] <Nightgunner5> s/is/should stay as/
[21:20 GMT] <StevenHodson> it’s just that ttext area for posting messages is too ‘old style’ for those coming from other forum packages
[21:20 GMT] <photomatt> Nightgunner5: WP is HTML + autop + texturize
[21:20 GMT] <Nightgunner5> Optional TinyMCE then?
[21:21 GMT] <quicoto> User Joined
[21:21 GMT] <StevenHodson> problem is that tinyMCE isn’t so tiny πŸ™‚
[21:21 GMT] <PeteMall> StevenHodson: don’t hold ur breath on bbCode in core
[21:22 GMT] <StevenHodson> PeteMall: np .. I can live with it being a plugin .. I would just like it to be a less of a challenge for those moving from other forum packages to try and provide their users witha similar UI
[21:22 GMT] <StevenHodson> personally I like the light approach
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> yes tinymce is a beast!
[21:23 GMT] <StevenHodson> my users don’t πŸ™‚
[21:23 GMT] <PeteMall> yea… thats the point behind bbPress. Keep it light and simple
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> I’m still on the fence about WYSIWYG
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> it could be done well or badly
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> but I feel like there are more important issues to tackle first, so we don’t have to decide now
[21:23 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: I choose well.
[21:25 GMT] <photomatt> any new year’s wishes?
[21:25 GMT] <matveb> what about roles and capabilities?
[21:25 GMT] <PeteMall> making a decision on making bbPress a WP plugin
[21:25 GMT] <PeteMall> perhaps using custom post types
[21:25 GMT] <Nightgunner5> matveb: That already exists
[21:25 GMT] <photomatt> mine is for the taxonomy system to not plunge me into a catatonic state
[21:25 GMT] <Nightgunner5> Hot tags actually being “”hot””?
[21:25 GMT] <PeteMall> I would really start spending a lot more time doing that if we can make a decision
[21:26 GMT] <photomatt> bbPress will definitely be a WP plugin
[21:26 GMT] <photomatt> but don’t want to change the data structure decision until 1.2-ish
[21:26 GMT] <photomatt> we owe users improvements before we rewrite data structures
[21:26 GMT] <PeteMall> true
[21:27 GMT] <photomatt> putting new stuff into things that will easily transition, which is why I’m putting subscriptions in taxonomy
[21:28 GMT] <PeteMall> agreed… so what are the top five things we need to do for the next release
[21:28 GMT] <Nightgunner5> 1. Integration
[21:28 GMT] <photomatt> 1. bug fixes
[21:29 GMT] <TCI-CrimsonIdol> i think bring in a view “”patches”” in the core will be great for a little update, e.g. Limit Latest Discussion
[21:29 GMT] <photomatt> 2. email notification
[21:29 GMT] <photomatt> 3. anon comments from filosofo
[21:30 GMT] <photomatt> I think that’s good for 1.1
[21:30 GMT] <matveb> do we have time for better documentation on functions?
[21:31 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: in the php code or on the site?
[21:31 GMT] <StevenHodson> template codex?? <please :)>
[21:31 GMT] <matveb> on site
[21:32 GMT] <DJPaul> User Joined
[21:32 GMT] <PeteMall> matveb: thats is being worked on
[21:32 GMT] <photomatt> sure, there are 5 people now with direct site edit access, you can send your docs to any of them
[21:32 GMT] <matveb> perfect, because I have been helping sporadically on pointing to functions which are already capable of what users request
[21:32 GMT] <matveb> in themes
[21:33 GMT] <photomatt> nice
[21:33 GMT] <StevenHodson> matveb: tagged as??
[21:33 GMT] <PeteMall> matveb: feel free to send me anything u want to contribute to
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> I’d like to get back to the subscribe stuff, so any objections to ending meeting early?
[21:34 GMT] <Nightgunner5> ‹⁄meetupβ€Ί?
[21:36 GMT] <StevenHodson> since I have knowledgeable folks here .. any suggestions for good books on php and mysql ?? my developer itch is growing after hanging up my toolkit a while back
[21:36 GMT] <Nightgunner5> and
[21:37 GMT] <StevenHodson> Nightgunner5: yup have those but I like my books πŸ™‚
[21:40 GMT] <PeteMall> anything else on the agenda?
[21:40 GMT] <matveb> PeteMall & StevenHodson: I will try to gather those posts which are eclectically tagged
[21:40 GMT] <StevenHodson> ty
[21:40 GMT] <photomatt> </meetup>