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  • This is a WordPress plugin. It will not work as a plugin in bbPress. WordPress and bbPress must be integrated.

    bbSync will integrate WordPress and bbPress pretty thoroughly. Any posts made on the blog will create a new topic on the forums (this supports slugs and anything else that will come). Any replies made to the topic in the forums can be shown under the WP post with <?php felbbreplies(); ?>, and it will show people’s avatars if you use Louisedade’s avatar upload plugin.

    You can migrate the old synchronisation from bbPress Post and delete the unnecessary tables (this plugin keeps its data in topicmeta, with the key wp_posts).

    Hoping to add stuff later, either when I want it myself or when other people want it. I want feedback if you have it! I eat my own dog food and I’m finding it delicious. Will upload as official plugin when I get access.

    bbPress Post and this plugin should not be running at the same time, otherwise you’ll get duplicate topics when you blog. If you get some error about a call to member function of a non-object, there’s a good chance adding this in the middle of your bbPress’ config.php file will help:

    global $bbdb;

    This plugin does need configuring to do anything useful. Head to Options > bbSync and fill things in please.

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  • Also, (in addition to my issue I seem to be encountering above), I have a recommendation:

    It would be great if there were two more functions similar to bbreplylink, one which takes you to the top of the post instead of the reply box, and the other that takes you to the RSS feed for the forum topic.

    Morgan. The only plugin we have in common is bbPress Integration. I didnt install its counter part on the bbPress side untill after things started getting wonky.

    Is there an uninstall method for bbsync? I wouldn’t mind uninstalling and starting over.

    Is there a way to do the reverse and show posts on wordpress?



    hey Fel, any updates? I have the same problem I mentioned in the plugin page’s comments. I’d love to get this working.

    No. No updates until the summer.

    Also, on an unrelated note, the f in fel is always lowercase. :P


    For some reason I can’t see at the moment, comments made on bbpress don’t show up in their respective posts in wordpress, but the comment count does reflect them. I tried deactivating all my plugins and changing the template just in case, but the problem persists.

    No comments appear at all in WordPress in posts shared between forum and blog, but they appear correctly in bbpress. Older posts not in bbpress are not affected.

    I’m using bbpress 0.9, last build of bbsync and WordPress 2.5. Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    I am using the latest versions of both wordpress and bbpress. It seems that when a post is made on the forum, it doesn’t update in the amount of comments a blog post has, but vice versa works just fine. also, when I delete the comments through wordpress admin panel they are deleted in the admin panel, but are still there in the post.

    I love that this plugin syncs WordPress posts with bbPress. But is there a way to do it in the opposite direction. In other words, is there a way to turn a bbPress forum post into a WordPress blog post. It’d be great to have the ability to select and “promote” certain forum posts to the front page of blog.

    I get this error when trying to configure bbsync:

    Warning: require_once(/home/fawked/domains/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/fawked/domains/ on line 33

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/fawked/domains/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/fawked/domains/ on line 33

    I am pretty damn sure my absolute path is correct…

    Any ideas?

    Oh nvm I figured it out. I edit bbsync.php and changed line 33 to


    just put my absolute path there

    Now I have a new problem. When I make a comment on a post in WordPress it will change all my other previous comments to the same user and comment as demonstrated here:

    Everything in bbpress is working fine for now, it shows the correct comments.

    By the way this only happens to comment of posts that were sync’ed with bbPress. Comments that were not sync’ed (older posts) are working as normal.

    is there a way to migrate all wp posts (made before activating bbsync) to bbpress?

    And.. a way to show the comments in bbpress in the wordpress comment template?

    Not with the appropriate time.

    No. Change your stylesheet.

    Could anybody give me more detailed instructions for getting thread replies in the comments, please?

    Replies in the thread can be shown where the comments are (quite automagically). Use <?php bbrepliestext(); ?> to just link to the thread; it accepts the link text as an argument and %no% and %replies% will be replaced with the numebr of posts and the right pluralicised form of the word reply.

    Where to put exactly the php code? Does it must to replace some other code? Do I have to put something between ( ) ?

    Sorry but I’m not an advanced user on coding. Thanks!


    I ‘d just be happy with a link to the forum thread in every wp entry.

    bump – I can seem to get this working….

    integration seems to working fine. The plugin activates, but I can never get to a config page for bbsync

    Don’t bump; I am aware of this thread. If I could help, I would. I will help when I have time.

    thanks for all this topic help me

    I’m having a lot of integration and syncing issues. I tried doing this a month ago but got frustrated.

    I can’t get my WP posts to sync to BB, nor are the same logins working on both systems. I know those may be two different issues. Can I get some help?

    I tried reinstalling bbpress and sync, and nothing improved:

    oops, my bad.

    i installed it as a bbpress plugin instead of a wordpress plugin. working fine now


    Hey all!

    Great plugin, awesome thread. Felix, you da man.

    Quick question – is bbSync supposed to completely get rid of comments on the WP side? If I have a post that has been submitted via bbSync to the bbPress side, the comments disappear from the WP page, and only show up on the BB side.

    I would love people to post on the WP side and have the comments be viewable on the WP side, as well as on bbPress. I saw the thread above about integrating the bbPress comments BACK to the WP side, but not worried about that yet.

    Any thoughts? This guy:

    Is having a similar issue. Anyone solve the issue?



    Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate the ping. It worked for ALMOST everything we needed. Bummer. Anyone using anything else?

Viewing 25 replies - 226 through 250 (of 259 total)
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