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  • This is a WordPress plugin. It will not work as a plugin in bbPress. WordPress and bbPress must be integrated.

    bbSync will integrate WordPress and bbPress pretty thoroughly. Any posts made on the blog will create a new topic on the forums (this supports slugs and anything else that will come). Any replies made to the topic in the forums can be shown under the WP post with <?php felbbreplies(); ?>, and it will show people’s avatars if you use Louisedade’s avatar upload plugin.

    You can migrate the old synchronisation from bbPress Post and delete the unnecessary tables (this plugin keeps its data in topicmeta, with the key wp_posts).

    Hoping to add stuff later, either when I want it myself or when other people want it. I want feedback if you have it! I eat my own dog food and I’m finding it delicious. Will upload as official plugin when I get access.

    bbPress Post and this plugin should not be running at the same time, otherwise you’ll get duplicate topics when you blog. If you get some error about a call to member function of a non-object, there’s a good chance adding this in the middle of your bbPress’ config.php file will help:

    global $bbdb;

    This plugin does need configuring to do anything useful. Head to Options > bbSync and fill things in please.

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  • Maybe it’s accidentally eating the comments? I can’t remember.

    Also, hey, look at that – september has almost rolled through and it’s still very, very broken.

    Maybe Benzilla can help you? In any case, the basic ideas are pretty obvious in bbsync; just create meta-entries for each sync’d item on both sides, so you can use them in functions to make links and the like. Comments -> posts just uses a standard comments hook and the bb api to create a post. If I were trying to fix this I’d probably go back to basics and work it again from there, using the old (bad) code as a reference only; that could be the approach to take with this.



    Hi I do have a version working(I downgraded bbpress to the last version bbsync worked because I was tired of using a alpha version of bbpress) it’s completely new code, but it’s very basic on the feature set and a bit hacked together, as I could never get the bbpress functions to work in a wordpress plugin.

    I’m at a public library at the moment so I don’t have the code with me but I can work on the code a little bit when I get home.

    Also please note, this was just made for me and I probably have different needs to what you needed, for example I wanted all wordpress posts to make a new topic so there isn’t options on a per post basis to post to a forum. Also comments don’t replicate between bbpress and wordpress(I was just going to disable commenting and make all users use the topic) but depending on how much time I have tonight I might add this functionality as I don’t see the difficulty in it.

    Also F.Y.I. if anyone is interested I do it the úber ghetto way and manually manipulate the database and don’t go through any of the wordpress or bbpress functions so use at your own risk, but I haven’t run into any problems on my test site.

    > the über ghetto way

    is a perfectly valid, faster way to do it, but just needs maintenance as the bb/wp setups change, to ensure data integrity manually.

    Great plug-in.

    Everything works.

    New posts are added and comments.

    Only issue is users getting stuck on wp-comments-post.php

    No errors just a blank screen. Post IS added.

    I get ‘;

    No other plugins active.

    Please advice. Thank You

    are there any plans to fix this plugin?

    Does your sync work with WP 2.7 and BBpress Doesn’t seem to when I set it up in WP



    It does not work with WordPress 2.7 AFAIK. bbPress and WordPress 2.7 don’t integrate. If you want something similar for WordPress 2.7, you might have a look at bbPress Live:



    So it looks like bbSync is dead, and bbPressLive is dead.

    Is anyone working on a repair or replacement, by any chance?

Viewing 9 replies - 251 through 259 (of 259 total)
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