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bbPress 2.0 – Updates

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  • Just a note that, bbPress plugin questions has started coming up here –

    John James Jacoby


    @alex – The code snippet you’ve included is doing a few different things incorrectly. If you can pinpoint exactly where bbPress is causing your issues, I’m happy to fix it. :)

    @ashfame – Thanks :)

    can you please show where the code is wrong?

    Hi guys, I have two questions (I think the first one is a bug).

    1. When I start a topic from the admin panel it doesn’t appear in the forums (and it doesn’t have voice). (I’m using WordPress 3.1 and bbPress 1.1 Alpha 2 downloaded from the link provided in this forum). Is this a normal behaviour? (Topics only appear in forums when I create them in the Create Topic page).

    2. Sorry if I didn’t see the post, you guys are doing an awesome job. When is the stable version of the plugin being released?

    Thanks in advance (I will be happy to report any bugs).

    John James Jacoby


    @alexchenco – Right now creating topics/replies from within wp-admin is in rough shape, and doesn’t work correctly. Debating on whether to fix or block for release.

    Thanks for kind words. Happy to have as many testers as possible. :)



    I have a question John. With the work being done on v1.0.3, is the tag issue cleared up?

    Its mentioned in this thread. We get this issue as well. Even replacing the tag.php like mentioned in the thread doesn’t work. I’m not asking for help related to it, just wondering if it will be fixed.

    John James Jacoby


    @submachiner – Use the /trunk version of bbPress. It fixes that specific issue and does not change the DB schema or integration methods.

    Hey guys, two more questions for you awesome plugin builders:

    1. The user profile and the user edit profile link redirect to [root]/blog/forums/users but those pages don’t exist. The they should be without the ‘blog/’ (then it’s working correctly). Could it be an error in my setup or something else?

    2. The widgets (topics and replies) only show relevant items to the current page that is viewed. I.e. when I’m viewing the profile page of user X, the widgets only show topics and replies from user X. So the widgets are dynamic, but a little too dynamic in my opinion ;)

    Thanks for all the great work!

    Can I ask why the theme has gone from child to parent? Won’t that hurt it’s future-proof-ness? Also it’s a headache for those of us making our own theme.

    John James Jacoby


    @offereins – try the latest revision; the widget issue should be fixed. The ‘/blog’ issue comes from a sub-directory multisite installation which I haven’t tested on yet.

    @Ryan – by popular request, because it’s easier to extend if all the files are included, and because we cannot guarantee that twentyten will exist. Don’t fret, there will be another theme bundled along with it.

    Thanks for responding looking forward to the official release of this software :)



    Where i can find more details about bbpress plugin ? whats the differences between bbpress 1.0.3 and what features are in bbpress plugin ?

    Sorry, just for clarity- does that mean that BBPress (plugin) will have a totally separate theme from the main WordPress install?

    I’m presently running a Buddypress + Multisite install and I know my theme situation is more complicated than most, but I’d like to be able to carry over the Buddypress things (like the admin bar). Is this something that will be too sticky?

    Tanks JJJ for the clarity. Since then I’ve simplified it for myself. I’m currently running it as a BuddyPress child with the necessary files copied and pasted in. It all works quite nicely together.

    John James Jacoby


    @Ryan – That’s what I was hoping to hear :)

    @tyskkvinna – It will rely on new individual template files to handle the bbPress specific bits, but otherwise it’s easily compatible with any theme available today.

    Sweet. That’s wonderful to hear.

    Anonymous User 7670885


    Some question:

    1) What is the difference between “forum” and “category”? :/

    2) How i can use a wp theme for plugin?

    3) Why don’t use a theme for plugin not related with wordpress (or simple try to use directly wp theme without customization)?

    4) How i can permit guest to post?

    5) Is there any way to “promote” a topic in home page (in blog)?

    6) Any eta to convert from bbpress standalone?

    Thanks in advance, DarkWolf

    Is it possible to use bbp_topic_content/bbp_reply_content as filter hooks? i.e.

    add_filter('bbp_topic_content', 'some_function', 5);


    1. A category can’t hold topics, its meant to only be a container of sub-fora.

    2. Don’t really know what you mean..

    3. Making a custom theme for a plugin, seems like a long shot. Especially since it won’t intergrate into your site and just takes it over.

    4. It’s in the settings (Settings > Forums).

    5. None yet, but since the topics are just custom posts, you could write up a script.

    6. As said many times before, it has a high priority, but don’t expect it to be done tommorow.

    @ Kasparas

    This topic is about all the info you’ll get. The plugin will be the same as the standard bbPress in the end.

    @ ALL

    I know all of you have been waiting for a good forum plugin for wordpress for a while, but don’t ask radical script changes or widgets in this stage. Just let them build a solid script and the custom stuff will come later.

    Anonymous User 7670885


    @Willabee: thank’u very much (and sorry for my poor english) :)

    for n° 2 (i can try to best explain): if i have a theme in my blog (no twentyten) how i can use also for plugin? is there a guide for customize? atm i can use only bbPress (Twenty Ten)


    I’m a newcomer here, but I’ve spent more than a few hours reading over the forums to get a feel for the community and understand the entire bbPress-plugin saga. I really appreciate all of the work that JJJ is putting into this and I’m excited about the future of this. I know there is some skepticism in the community, but just from looking over the amount of work JJJ has put into this, I think bbPress-plugin has a bright future.

    I am willing to help out and hopefully will have time soon to jump on IRC and start hacking.




    Could someone take the time to look at this bug:

    Anonymous User 7670885


    Some report: branches_plugin-2949

    1) If i use a forum as category and a sub forum as forum the category name is click-able and when i click on it i receive: This forum contains 0 topics and 0 replies (instead it contain a real forum with topics).

    2) If i disable “Prefix the root slug before the following slugs?” i receive all 404 on sub-pages forum (like stats, recent, newest) – yes, i’ve resaved permalink.

    3) Login meta link do not work (it point to “login” instead to point to: “wp-login.php”)

    Anonymous User 5853594


    3) It points to a page which you haven’t created… If you create a page with the name “login” which uses the template “bbPress – User Login”, it will work.

    Although I must admit that this doesn’t really make sense if you don’t know about it… And for that the bbPress login widget has been made.

    Anonymous User 7670885


    @tieptoep: i’ve a login page (maked for bbpress) but it point to: http://localhost/wordpress/forum/login/ (this is a subpage of forum) instead meta link to: http://localhost/wordpress/login/ (404 – not found) :/

    Anyway, with bbpress login widget is ok, thanks :)

    Edit: i’ve put in top level all subpages and now also point 2 workfine (i’ve simple maked a custom menu to have all page ordered in “forum” menu link) ;)

Viewing 25 replies - 526 through 550 (of 1,184 total)
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