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A phpBB to bbPress database converter

  • Anonymous User 133554



    I switched my site’s phpBB forum to bbPress, and I’ve released the script I used for this purpose under the terms of the GPL.

    It’s largely based on the excellent starting point from Bruno Torres, to which I added some new features — like bbCode conversion with clean XHTML 1.1 compliant output, smily to text transcription, and the ability to import topics marked as closed, sticky and announcements as such.

    I made also some little bugfixing, and the resulting script was able to cleanly import almost everything valuable from my old phpBB database.

    You can have a look here if interested:

    Hope it helps to spread bbPress and web standards all around! ;-)

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  • ardentfrost


    nice dude, when I first made the move, I looked at how different the db’s were and said “meh, screw it.” I got the users over easily, but very good job on dealing with topics and posts!

    Nice job! This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing this, with everyone.. ;) :)


    Brilliant; thanks so much, jaim3!

    I’ve got my bbpress install (just a simple thing to test with) integrated into my WordPress database. I’d like to be able to import selectively for testing but no screw everything up — is that possible? I note that the script calls for importing into a FRESH NEW bbpress install. :)

    IMHO, the best thing to do first is, make sure you’ve imported the phpBB stuff, into a fresh bbpress install, that doesn’t have the integration with WordPress.. then, integrate it with WordPress.. =/

    As is now, *some* people are still having problems with the bbpress+wordpress integratation deal.. again, IMHO.. I would just play it safe, by doing the phpBB (import) to a normal bbpress install first.. then go from there.. ?

    Trent, what do you think?


    I have thought about this a was thinking that it really doesn’t matter, but my preference would be to get the login integration with WP first if you are going to have it and this doesn’t apply to everyone because not everyone is going to sync logins with WP. The reason is that seems to be the hardest part and you have to have your key admin being the one you want and associated with the right user in WP.

    Once you are ready to go, then test the import of phpBB becauase if it doesn’t go according to plan, you can just empty tables in bbPress and the hardcoding part for integration is still done.


    hmm. i tried this, but get this error after step 8:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() in phpbb2bbpress.php on line 383

    any suggestions?

    Anonymous User 133554



    Have you checked if FILENAME (line 85) is writeable by the server? If it is, try switching EXPORT_TO_FILE to false and AUTO_IMPORT_EXPORTED_DATA to true. As usual, please do always a database backup before.

    Hope it helps :-)

    still no joy I’m afraid. this time it runs for a lot longer and I don’t get any errors, but it doesn’t update any of the tables. i’ll try and take another look at the weekend.

    Your PHP version is rather old, use this:

    if (!function_exists('file_put_contents')) {

    function file_put_contents($filename, $content) {

    if ($fp = fopen($filename, 'w')) {

    $result = fwrite($fp, $content);


    return $result;


    else {

    return false;




    I’m getting an ‘out of memory error’ as so:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5803 bytes) in /home/pith/domains/ on line 910

    … is it just that my server sux?

    I would get your host to up the memory in php.ini to accomodate the script. How big is your phpbb2 database? I moved over a forum that was 1600 entries without too much hassle….(needed 16 megs in php.ini though)


    Yeah, I needed about 80 megs of memory for this particular script, luckily my host upped it while I ran it.

    jaim3, perhaps note that somewhere in a readme, for the not-so-smart users like myself. :)

    Any of you php/mySQL whizkids out there wanna see if you can make this script work with invision power board? I only know enough php to be dangerous and know my limits well enough to know that trying to do this (for me) would be a big, big timewaster.

    I’d be willing to dish out a bit of cash to anyone who wants to play.

    I’ll supply the ipb db for you to play with.

    Anonymous User 133554


    I can’t promise anything since I’have never seen IPB database structure nor code, but I can give it a try. Drop me a line at jaime at iteisa dot c0m with the public URI and I’ll have a look at it if you are still interested.


    Thanks jaim3. I can’t tell you how excited I am about going from a board with 86 tables to one with 8! Light and fast is what my members will appreciate. I think the simpler design will result in higher adsense revenues from my message board channels.

    I have integrated bbpress to match the tech-o-crunch theme and will be releasing it to the bbpress community once I have it like I want it.

    I’ll also be posting a casestudy of the bbpress adsense theory I mentioned above on my blog.

    I’ve gone through the import process successfully except that the text of the posts don’t show up. The text is in the database, it just doesn’t show up where it should. The titles are there, the forums are there, the topics are there but no post text.


    hey guys,

    I seem to get the same error as Jaxxx:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() in phpbb2bbpress.php on line 383

    anyone got any ideas?



    Hmm….maybe the function name changed? What version of bbPress? 0.75?


    i believe it is the latest version – i downloaded it today – .75 i think

    it would be so so so nice if this works!

    Cheers Trent

    kickass! yes our server was set by default to php4. The server guys said:

    We have checked our server logs. The reason for the issue is not related to the memory limits for your account.

    The file_put_contents() function is only available in PHP 5.

    By default our servers handle any requests to .php file through the PHP 4 interpreter. By default the PHP 5 interpreter processes only files with .php5 extension.

    If you want to change this in a way that .php files are processed by the PHP 5 interpreter you should put the following line in your /www/blog/.htaccess file:

    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php”

    I forgot to give a big thankyou to jaim3! Thanks mate! Your script just made life a million times easier for me!




    Ok i hope that last part:

    “Sending all your database e-mails to all major world-wide spam sending mafias…”

    Is a joke? I am moving from phpbb because of spam and this does not sit too lightly on me…ok i need to take a chill pill.

    Ok back to the task as hand. It totally does not work for me i get no databases installed? When i run it, I get all the exporting scripts, then point 8. about the mafia. And then I get a row of numbers “39816”

    I’m using 0.75. Is there a version conflict?




    I tried to contact the author of this list, and his email is dead. I would becareful as it seems this list sends all your forums members emails to spammers. Just to be safe DONT use this script!

    I’ll have to suffer with the conciquences!

    Once again, don’t think this is the case.


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