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A phpBB to bbPress database converter

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    I switched my site’s phpBB forum to bbPress, and I’ve released the script I used for this purpose under the terms of the GPL.

    It’s largely based on the excellent starting point from Bruno Torres, to which I added some new features — like bbCode conversion with clean XHTML 1.1 compliant output, smily to text transcription, and the ability to import topics marked as closed, sticky and announcements as such.

    I made also some little bugfixing, and the resulting script was able to cleanly import almost everything valuable from my old phpBB database.

    You can have a look here if interested:

    Hope it helps to spread bbPress and web standards all around! ;-)

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  • paulhawke, I’d like to try out your plugin, if available.

    Hi guys.

    I was looking at this conversion again and one really useful thing it misses out is converting internal links – eg: if someone has posted a link to a certain topic within the forum, the link will no longer work.

    If it could convert from the standard phpbb format eg: forum/viewtopic.php?t=7836

    to the default bbpress format eg: forum/topic.php?id=7836

    or does the smilies conversion only search for standalone text (ie: it wouldn’t convert phrases within a string)??

    would adding something like this to the smilies conversion section work?

    ‘viewtopic.php?t=’ => ‘topic.php?id=’,

    I guess you could also write a new viewtopic.php file that could parse those links, although that’s a bit of a workaround.

    yoyopop, that is what paulhawke is doing with his plugin/script where he says:

    <blockquote”mapping is maintained between old and new user/post/topic/forum ID values”

    With that, you could create some simple redirects from old URLs to new URLs and those old links will work.

    anyone get this to work with phpbb3?

    tflight – I understand paulhawke is working on his own script, but prior to its release, I am looking to convert those links using the current script, which so far ran successfully for me. So, any feedback on that from anyone who understands it better than I do would be great.

    rspowers – try this one


    thanks a million. i will test it out and see if i can get it to work.

Viewing 6 replies - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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