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Re: WPMU 2.7 cookie integration

I am having the same problem as well. Using WordPress MU 2.7.1, bbPress 1.0-rc-1 and buddypress 1.0. WPMU and bbPress successfully share the user database, but users still have to log in seperately.

WPMU seems to store the login information in a cookie called “wordpress_logged_in_”, while bbpress uses “wordpress_logged_in_[bunch of letters and numbers]”.

I already tried adding “define(‘COOKIEHASH’, ‘[same bunch of letters and numbers]’ );” to wp-config.php, but it had no effect whatsoever. No hash appeared in the wp-login-cookie.

I also tried making bbPress use “wordpress_logged_in_” (without the bunch of numbers) as login cookie. This resulted in the same cookie name being used, but the logins were still not shared. When I switched between bbpress/wpmu, I got logged out from the application which was the last to be logged in to.

Interestingly, there is another hashlike string behind the user name in the value of the cookie. Like this: “admin%[bunch of letters and numbers]” This hashlike sting is different between wpmu and bbpress. Even for the same user.

I would guess that means that some hashgenerating constant is off, but I do not know which one. I synched those with their bbpress equivalents: AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, NONCE_KEY, AUTH_SALT, LOGGED_IN_SALT, SECURE_AUTH_SALT.

For AUTH_SALT, LOGGED_IN_SALT and SECURE_AUTH_SALT I did use the values from the wp-config.php because I could not find them in the WPMU admin interface. I guess that’s a difference between WP and WPMU?

What am I missing?

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