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WPMU 2.7 cookie integration

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  • What part isn’t working?

    If you login to bbPress, what happens on WordPress? What happens when you log out?

    Please be descriptive. “It doesn’t work” is near impossible to debug :) (I spent my day arguing that there is a difference between ‘The page gave me a 404 error’ and ‘your webserver is broken!’ and the latter was nearly useless to me)



    I am having (probably) the same problem as techlover. I can integrate the user database and user accounts work in both WordPress and bbPress. I can even allow people to register in either since they both use the same user database.

    However, I have to login / out of each one seperately. That’s almost what I want. I integrated with the same versions mentioned above and it went farily smooth. Now, I would just like the login cookies to log me in and out of both sites.

    Dump all your cookies and cache. If you’re using Firefox, you can actually leave your cookies open while browsing, so with that open, log back into WP.

    Make a note of your cookies.

    Log in to BB. See if the cookies have the same name. You should have about 6 or so called wordpress_LONGSTRING and if you look at those cookies, the folder locations will be / or /forums or /blog etc etc. If they’re NOT the same cookie name, then you have missmatched AUTH keys in your forum.



    I have done all of this. The AUTH keys are identical in both the WordPress and bbPress config files. The cookie name is, I think, correct. I have posted parts of my config files here:

    [links to keys removed by moderator chrishajer]

    Thanks for any help. Like I said, the only thing that doesn’t work is the shared login part. I can not test these while at work, but any suggestions you can give will be tried when I get home. Thanks.

    Mrphs. Please don’t make those auth key values public again. They should be kept secret.

    Also: Your second link is broken.

    Anyway. Shared login depends on those keys, see, so the fact that they’re not working (even though the DB tables are pulling the right info around) is because the keys probably aren’t right. That or the cookie settings are wrong. Are you using the integration speedup? That is you pasted info into your bb-config.php file?

    The value for AUTH_KEY in wp-config.php should be the same as the value for BB_AUTH_KEY in bb-config.php and so on and so forth.



    Believe me, the keys I posted in the pastebins are NOT the keys I am using – I changed them after I posted the code. The integration did not work either when I used the integration speedup or not, in fact, it never worked. The secret keys for AUTH_KEY in wp and BB_AUTH_KEY in bb are identical, but they still do not work. It’s just frustrating because if I use an older version of WP (2.6.5) and and older version of BB (, I can get it to work, but not with WP 2.7 and BB 1.0 – something is broken in the code, I am sure of it.

    Whew! I was worried (about those keys).

    Which bb 1 are you using? Alpha 6? I have it working on the trunk build right now but it was fine on 1.0-alpha6



    I am using the trunk version, which at last update was Alpha 6. Haven’t messed with it in the last day or so but hopefully will get it working this weekend.

    I am having the same issue as slambert1971.

    WPMU 2,7 running in the site root. bbpress 1.0- alpha 6 running in forum directory. BuddyPress beta 2 running on top off this.

    Intergration is working in that the user datatbase is shared. WPMU, bbPress and BuddyPress works 100% on their own. The only thing that does not work is that I have to login / out of each one seperately.

    I would also like the login cookies to log me in and out of both sites.

    Anyone have any further tips for me to look at?


    I have the same issue as detailed in this post. As far as I can make out, the cookie names aren’t matching. My current /trunk/ install of Buddypress/MU names the cookies “wordpress_”. BBPress’ cookies are named “wordpress_HASH” where HASH is a long hash that doesn’t match any of the various keys in the wp-config.php.

    Have just read another post advising to check – apparently that fixes it. I will try after lunch and let you know.

    Yep, that did it.



    Hi I am using wp 2.7.0 trunk (2.7.1) bbpress Version 1.0-alpha-6 Buddypress Core: 1.0-RC1 And I have the same problem. To try and resolve the issues I will show you the cookies for buddypress/wp and bbpress but instead of sharing the cookie I will call it “cookiestring”:

    At bp/wp I have:

    2x worpdress_logged_in_cookiestring at /

    wordpress_cookiestring at /forums/bb-plugins

    wordpress_cookie string at /forums/my-plugins

    wordpress_cookiestring at /forums/bb-admin

    wordpress_cookiestring at /wp-admin

    wordpress_cookiestring at /wp-content/plugins

    wordpress_test_cookie at /

    PHPSESSID at /

    _utma at /

    _utmb at /

    _utmc at /

    _utmz at /

    at bbpress the I have the following cookies

    wordpress_cookiestring at /forums/bb-plugins

    wordpress_cookiestring at /forums/my-plugins

    wordpress_cookiestring at /forums/bb-admin

    wordpress_cookiestring at /wp-admin

    wordpress_cookie string at /wp-content/plugins

    As you can see I have the same cookie string but I have a few extra cookies at buddypress.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with me.


    Hello !

    No more soluce ?

    I try with only WordPress mu 7.1 and BBPress 1.0 alpha 6, i have the same users table, that it’s ok but cookies don’t work.

    I can loggin in wordpress but i’m not connect in bbpres

    I can login in bbpress but i’m not connect in wordpress

    Idem for logout option

    All key of my wordpress cookies is integer in the config of bbpress, i have try any option that i find but the problem stay !

    I have try to purge all cookes and sessions.

    Where is the valide solucion for a perfect integration of bbpress and wordpress ?

    sorry for my english ….

    I am having the same problem ! i followed the video to a T and than added the HASH. No Cookie tie at all, but I do have DB Integration. My question for you is do we add these lines of code in both config files?

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, );

    and define path ?



    I am having the same problem as well. Using WordPress MU 2.7.1, bbPress 1.0-rc-1 and buddypress 1.0. WPMU and bbPress successfully share the user database, but users still have to log in seperately.

    WPMU seems to store the login information in a cookie called “wordpress_logged_in_”, while bbpress uses “wordpress_logged_in_[bunch of letters and numbers]”.

    I already tried adding “define(‘COOKIEHASH’, ‘[same bunch of letters and numbers]’ );” to wp-config.php, but it had no effect whatsoever. No hash appeared in the wp-login-cookie.

    I also tried making bbPress use “wordpress_logged_in_” (without the bunch of numbers) as login cookie. This resulted in the same cookie name being used, but the logins were still not shared. When I switched between bbpress/wpmu, I got logged out from the application which was the last to be logged in to.

    Interestingly, there is another hashlike string behind the user name in the value of the cookie. Like this: “admin%[bunch of letters and numbers]” This hashlike sting is different between wpmu and bbpress. Even for the same user.

    I would guess that means that some hashgenerating constant is off, but I do not know which one. I synched those with their bbpress equivalents: AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, NONCE_KEY, AUTH_SALT, LOGGED_IN_SALT, SECURE_AUTH_SALT.

    For AUTH_SALT, LOGGED_IN_SALT and SECURE_AUTH_SALT I did use the values from the wp-config.php because I could not find them in the WPMU admin interface. I guess that’s a difference between WP and WPMU?

    What am I missing?



    I’ve the same issue too with bbPress 1.0RC. I tried everything described in but it doesn’t help.

    I found that, after I Log-in into bbPress forum, I can’t log in into WPMU, but if this process is done conversely – it is possible to log in into bbPress.

    After firstly logging into WPMU and then into bbPress, there are two the same copies of cookie files.

    Any suggestions?




    I am getting the same problem, the person who figures this out, will be the savor of the day !



    Thanks to sambauers I got the login working across both systems now. The important trick is to add the following line to bb-config.php, unless you are using WordPress 2.8:

    define(‘WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION’, 1);

    Now I have only one problem left: I cannot access the bbpress admin area anymore. I instantly get redirected to the forum. Any ideas what might cause this?

    Log out of everything, kill the cookies, log in via the bbPress side. I had that once or twice, and it was all down to cookie corruption :/



    Thanks, but unfortunately that did not help. I still can’t access the bbPress admin area. Any more suggestions?

    John James Jacoby


    Delete the keys from your wp-config.php file, and login to your admin panel.

    You should get a message at the top with new keys to add to your wp-config.php file.

    Take those keys, add them to your bb-config.php file with “BB_” in front of them.

    Report back?

    Nope, didn’t help.

    I narrowed the problem down a bit further, though. As soon as I add the following line to my bb-config, cookie integration works but bbpress-admin-access breaks:

    $bb->logged_in_cookie = ‘wordpress_logged_in_’;

    Any suggestions?

    I think I almost solved it now. For some reason I had $bb->authcookie and $bb->logged_in_cookie set to ‘wordpress_logged_in_’. Probably due to some debugging oddysee. I removed the autcookie-setting and now cookie sharing and admin access are working. Yay! :)

    The only downside is that I can not access the admin area when I used WPMU to log in. But when I login over bbPress it works, so I guess that is an acceptable loss, since it affects only the admin and not all users…

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