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Re: WP Visual Editor dissapears after integration

if u take a look at that bug tracking page

you will see the exact problem i am having..has something to do with the “realpath” function of PHP … the way this guy explained the bug is my problem 100%…i replaced my tiny_mce_gzip.php file with the revised one from that site, still no luck…this is very frustrating..

i have an error console running on my firefox, and i get this error every time i render the admin write page in WP

Error: tinyMCE is not defined

Source File:

Line: 36

which is this line of code….

tinyMCE.loadPlugin(“NextGEN”, “”);

which kind of makes since because that specific plugin (nextGen gallery) actually adds its own little button to the visual editor in order to add photos from your gallery to your posts….

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