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WP Visual Editor dissapears after integration

  • OK so i successfully completed a BBpress / WPress integration…logins are all synced and i can successfulled login to bb or wp…thats all straightened out and everything appears to be working great..

    one bug im noticing now is in WP, in my Visual Editor [write post], all the icons that were once there (Bold, Italic, Font, Font Size, Add Link, Add pic…etc.) that hole graphical bar dissappears…

    i’ve narrowed it down to some kind of caching problem…because i deactivated the integration pluggin in wordpress.. removed the line of code in my wp-config.php…cleared my cache and the visual editor re-appears

    now when i went back in to re-activate the bbpress integration plugin and got the bbpress back up, and go to check out my visual editor in WP, its there ! great!!! but just to be sure it wont go away, i clear my cache, refresh the page, and its gone again….any ideas?!!!?!


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  • chrishajer


    What line from your wp-config.php? I don’t think I’ve ever added a line there, but my install is getting a little old. What line of code are you referring to?

    Can you check the source of the WP admin write page, to see if the icons SHOULD be there on display, or if anything else looks weird, maybe the path to the javascript?

    if ( !defined(‘BBDB_NAME’) )


    thats the line that i got in wp-config

    the admin write page references the TineMce for the editor i believe, does your install feature this directory? (tinymce)

    its something strange..i need to locate the exact script that displays the icons and see what variables live there…i havnt done this yet, do you think it is possibly a cookie issue?

    i dont quite understand how integrating bbpress from a completely seperate directory can even impact the admin write page…and im surprised noone else has had this issue..

    maybe it has something to do with my webhost maybe? i hear see people have alot of issues with godaddy’s php hosting..

    thanks for the help



    Did you take a look in the source of the rendered page for writing a new post, to see if the block of code with images from tinymce is actually there? Since this is an admin panel issue, it will be hard to help since no one can see what you’re seeing.

    I don’t use the visual rich editor in my WP install, so I’m not sure what I would see that could help you. I do have a tinymce directory in my install: ./wp-includes/js/tinymce

    ok so according to my error console in firefox…

    Error: realTinyMCE is not defined

    Source File:

    Line: 43

    thats the problem…any ideas on how to manually define realTineMce? or whats causing it not to be defined after integrating bbpress..?

    i found this site that looks promising…

    im going to try this guys steps to correct the problem, but it looks like he narrowed down my problem quite specifically….

    ill let you know how i make out

    thanks for your help



    Maybe the order of how things are included messes things up?

    if u take a look at that bug tracking page

    you will see the exact problem i am having..has something to do with the “realpath” function of PHP … the way this guy explained the bug is my problem 100%…i replaced my tiny_mce_gzip.php file with the revised one from that site, still no luck…this is very frustrating..

    i have an error console running on my firefox, and i get this error every time i render the admin write page in WP

    Error: tinyMCE is not defined

    Source File:

    Line: 36

    which is this line of code….

    tinyMCE.loadPlugin(“NextGEN”, “”);

    which kind of makes since because that specific plugin (nextGen gallery) actually adds its own little button to the visual editor in order to add photos from your gallery to your posts….



    Ah, so it’s a plugin issue also, with WordPress, for nextGen Gallery. Interesting…

    This seems related as well: (page 3)

    Seems like it’s more of an issue with the WP plugin than with bbPress integration? Or maybe when both plugins are activated?

    yes i believe so, but its strange that everything works fine, when i remove the bbpress integration…i can run wordpress with all my plugins (inlcuding next gen gallery) flawlessy, my visual editor displays fine, and i get no browser errors, but when i integrate bbpress it sparks all types of errors with my plugins, im giving up this afternoon, ive spent the last 3 days doing nothing but trying to correct this…i do appreciate your help tho..thanks



    You can always turn off the visual editor, right?

    yes thats how im going to “solve” this problem =]

    ill jump back into the bug a few months down teh road, maybe by then there will be more people with this problem and it will be easier to find a solution..thanks again take it ez

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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