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Re: WP “Profile” fields in BB?

Trent, I’m not sure I understand your response. I think what you’re saying is that if bbpress stores the information for the user’s profile in wp_users, as does wordpress, then we’re ok. However, if bbpress stores the information in a different place, then the update won’t work.

Well, that led me on a little journey to see how wordpress stored the information in the extra fields such as first name, last name, im username, etc. I found it is stored in wp_usermeta, and I’m guessing bbpress doesn’t have anything to do with this. So, I’ll look into this further.

In the meantime, does any moderator/contributor have any other ideas as to how this can be achieved? I would really like to add the necessary fields for my signup, such as First/Last name, and then more specific things for my site such as how many children, their names, etc. Any suggestions would be very well appreciated.

Thanks – Ron

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