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WP “Profile” fields in BB?

  • Well, here I go again…

    Anyone know the way I might call in the wordpress Profile fields from a users Profile page and display/edit those in the bbpress profile.php and edit-profile.php pages?


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  • AphelionZ


    This would be nice, or some kind of unified solution between the two where users can have their own ‘page’ so to speak


    Does anyone know how this can be achieved without doing a custom query. (using built in bbpress or wordpress commands)

    I am not sure how it could be done because they entries themselves for the profile might not be stored in the same location and the ‘update profile’ would need to altered to update more than one field in the database. Good question. Anyone?


    Trent, I’m not sure I understand your response. I think what you’re saying is that if bbpress stores the information for the user’s profile in wp_users, as does wordpress, then we’re ok. However, if bbpress stores the information in a different place, then the update won’t work.

    Well, that led me on a little journey to see how wordpress stored the information in the extra fields such as first name, last name, im username, etc. I found it is stored in wp_usermeta, and I’m guessing bbpress doesn’t have anything to do with this. So, I’ll look into this further.

    In the meantime, does any moderator/contributor have any other ideas as to how this can be achieved? I would really like to add the necessary fields for my signup, such as First/Last name, and then more specific things for my site such as how many children, their names, etc. Any suggestions would be very well appreciated.

    Thanks – Ron

    Just to echo what everyone else is saying, it would be very nice if WP integrated installations could view and edit ALL of the profile information that WP has available. On my blog/forum, the majority of my users register through the BBP side, which means that they don’t have a nickname set. I could always just point the profile link to the WP side, I suppose, but that doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

    If all of the info is already in wp_usermeta, how hard would it be to pull that into the profile editing page???

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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