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Re: WP plugins in deep integration

Bump: To add support to an important issue by bringing it to the front of the discussion forum and reiterating the comments above with no added value.

Deep integration with WordPress may not have been the intention of the BBpress developers but there is demand for it, and that will only continue to grow as the WordPress userbase grows. The fact that “most” deep integration works – be that intentionally through the efforts of the BBpress team or unintentionally by luck of BBpress’s coding structure – gives the assumption that popular WordPress Plugins that don’t work will in time… PageMash is an example of a bread and butter Plugin for commercial/professional WordPress sites.

Out of curiosity how many users in this community have been introduced to BBpress through WordPress, I’m sure it would be available through a poll or in the referral logs for this site.

(I hope you liked my personal definition of bump, I’m a kitten killer)

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