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Re: WP plugins in deep integration



Don’t you just love people that say “Bump” and dont add anything to the conversation?

I also love it when it’s their only post on the forum ever – way to give back :)

Deep integration is not supported by automattic, and apparently was never the intention of the BBpress developers. To that end, getting BBpress with a WP “deep integration”, to then call WP plugins is never going to be something that’s going to get any development time or priority.

I think this is a shame because we could make use of WP plugins that we’re effectively replicating in BBpress, but we shouldn’t be reliant on plugins for layout.

That said, i wonder if anyone has testing creating a call to a plugin function from inside an added function in the your WP’s theme’s functions.php file?

To reiterate though, try and avoid WP plugins for theming. What will happen if there is a WP upgrade that breaks the theme?

Also, every time someone bumps a thread, God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens.

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