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Re: WP plugins in deep integration



I have a workaround for the navigation issue.

This does not solve why some plugins are not working with integration (which would still be nice to know, and what code would fix it), but allows to have consistent menu tabs when integrating the theme. It involves using theme options for excluding pages, rather than a plugin.

Incidentally, my theme already comes with the option to exclude pages from navigation, but I still used PageMash for other handy features… Then it occurred to me to test if the options would be reflected into bbPress, and sure they were!!! This way, no core code changes, all is controlled from within the theme.

@arpowers – I am sure you already know how to do this. Posting links just in case, for others as well.

To create the theme options page, there are tutorials, showing code to add to functions.php

in the arrays to exclude the pages, this is what I have:

array(	"name" => "Main Menu Settings",
"desc" => "The navigation menu tabs at the top.",
"id" => $shortname."_admin_heading",
"type" => "info"),

array( "name" => "Exclude",
"desc" => "Enter a comma-separated list of Page IDs to be excluded from the main menu tabs (example - 5,9,22).",
"id" => $shortname."_exclude_pages",
"std" => "",
"type" => "text"),

array( "name" => "Sort by",
"desc" => "'<strong>menu_order</strong>' - sorts the Pages by Page Order<br /> '<strong>post_title</strong>' - sorts Pages alphabetically (by title)<br /> '<strong>post_date</strong>' - sort Pages by their creation date.",
"id" => $shortname."_sort_pages",
"type" => "select",
"std" => "menu_order",
"options" => array("menu_order", "post_title", "post_date"))

I hope this helps!

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