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Re: WordPress Integration

hey I am having troubles here too: my issue – I have generated the eight secret keys in both config files, made sure user role for user 1 is keymaster in database, using same table prefix in both config files, done the bbpress integration plugin in wp – combed the forums and thought I was following to a t all the instructions – left out www from all entered URLs – and here is what i keep running into (sixth install now):

I can log into bbpress as keymaster, but when I try to log in to wordpress, it says: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

needless to say, i want to scream. From the above info, any thoughts on what could be throwing this off? I’m really frustrated that there seems to be no current section of bbpress documentation that thoroughly goes through, step by step, given the large amount of issues people seem to be running into with integration. thanks.

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