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Re: WordPress Home page upstaging main post1s page

Thanks so much for the reply.

What I get at is fine and what I expect. What I get at is the same and, once we get our htaccess file set up, will be what you get when you type in What we can no longer call up is the first page of the blog, the one that displays one or more recent posts, you know, the index for the actual blog section.

I don’t know of any way to call it up in the control panel to check on what the permalink is supposed to be. What’s the default address for the blog’s main page supposed to be? Isn’t it supposed to be If I type that in I just get the main page of the site. .

As I said before, it was all working fine until I made an initial attempt to integrate our new bbpress installation with wordperss, didn’t get it to work and tried to backtrack what I’d done to try again another day. I’m trying to figure out what files might have been affected during this process.

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