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WordPress Home page upstaging main post1s page

  • I experimented a bit with setting up the wp/bbpress integration over the weekend. I can’t get back to it for the next few days but something’s gone awry I need to fix asap. I’m thinking I must have altered something in the wp configuration because since then when we try to access the wp main blog page, the home page we’ve set up comes up instead. I checked the wp-config.php against a previous version and there’s no difference there. Can anybody suggest any other files/settings I may have changed while going through the integration setup that could have an effect on wordpress like this?

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  • chrishajer


    To get quicker help, you should post your URL.

    It might be something in the wp-admin control panel, under settings > general. The Blog address or WordPress address. Or, maybe you overwrote a file that was doing the redirection. Or possibly changed the .htaccess file. Something like that.



    .htaccess is definitely a suspect

    if you gave it write access, WordPress may have even updated it for you after you made some kind of configuration change

    Turning off pretty permalinks may give you a temporary fix.

    WP doesn’t necessarily have an .htaccess file, does it? I’m not seeing one here, so what other file could be involved?

    The site is The wordpress address is

    The wordpress blog is also set to



    So, there used to be a site that is not WordPress at ?

    If you log into the file manager for your host (ssh, ftp, control panel, whatever) do you see a file in the root that would be served for this URL ? And then, at that level, is there a blog folder that holds all your WordPress files?

    What is happening though is not what I understood from your first post. Everything that comes up, at either URL, looks like WordPress to me. You said “the home page we’ve set up comes up instead” when you try to access . What do you expect when visiting the URL ?

    Thanks so much for the reply.

    What I get at is fine and what I expect. What I get at is the same and, once we get our htaccess file set up, will be what you get when you type in What we can no longer call up is the first page of the blog, the one that displays one or more recent posts, you know, the index for the actual blog section.

    I don’t know of any way to call it up in the control panel to check on what the permalink is supposed to be. What’s the default address for the blog’s main page supposed to be? Isn’t it supposed to be If I type that in I just get the main page of the site. .

    As I said before, it was all working fine until I made an initial attempt to integrate our new bbpress installation with wordperss, didn’t get it to work and tried to backtrack what I’d done to try again another day. I’m trying to figure out what files might have been affected during this process.



    So, is OK, and later, when people type in you will direct them to ?

    Sounds like a configuration issue in WordPress. There is an option to choose what is displayed on the front page (Settings > Reading). you can select your latest posts or a static page.

    Yes, the default address for the blog’s main page is index.php, and what is shown there is what I described changing above. Check those options and post back if it’s not what you expect to see based on what is configured.

    Settings > Reading is, and has been all along, set at:

    “Your latest posts”

    the page I am no longer able to display, even though I can find no change in any settings.

    Thanks for replying,



    I’ve offered all I can remotely. Can you contact me (find contact details in my profile here) and I can try to help by logging in and looking around?




    Turns out the main index.php WordPress template had been overwritten with a static page, and that was being served instead of templated content being served from the database. It had nothing to do with bbPress integration.

    Thanks so much for the help. You helped me spot that I had inadvertently uploaded the root’s index.php to the blog index.php folder. I had a feeling it was something simple and dumb.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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