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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101




thanks for your reply. You are right, there’s not much general sense in that problem to begin with.

Unfortunately the issue already starts with the use of a relative vs. an absolute path because the absolute variant isn’t even recognized. The only two options available seem to be either the relative take with


or something that could be called absolute, but is pretty inconvenient to use:

define(‘WPPATH’, dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘/’);

require_once(WPPATH . ‘wp-blog-header.php’);

Both of these result in the availability of WP commands like get_header etc. which would be needed to visually integrate bbP with WP, but with the major problem that all my accounts in bbP are Inactive for some weird reason.

Every other attempt where the path to wp-blog-header.php would really be false would just result in the forum link to not work any longer. Therefore it does seem much more likely that different elements of bbP are more or less able to deal with this way of WP integration or access to that file. I would love to give you more detailed error information about the 500 error but I’m not sure where to aquire it.

Furthermore, that problem with Inactive accounts doesn’t seem to be entirely new. I did some research via google and it does pop up every now and then, here’s an example even from way back in 2006:

> > > There is an issue with posting:
> > > bbpress shows the users (admin) as Inactive. This lets me login, but
> > > I cannot post since the post form is hidden.
> >
> > You must have integrated an old bbPress install with WP (that is, you
> > must have run the bbPress install script before integrating the
> > two). If that's the case, none of your bbPress users exist anymore
> > (they're not defined in WP's user table), and your admin account is
> > inactive. To fix your admin account, you'll have to change the usermeta
> >
> > bb_capabilities = a:1:{s:8:"inactive";b:1;}
> >
> > to
> >
> > bb_capabilities = a:1:{s:9:"keymaster";b:1;}
> >
> > for your admin account. (Where 'bb_' is your $bb_table_prefix.)

Unfortunately the usermeta in my database is already set as a:1:{s:9:”keymaster”;b:1;}, but it’s still acting as if users are inactive.

It really is pretty tiresome and after many many database restores and bbP reinstalls I come to the conclusion that integration of WP Functions is somewhat poorly treated so far.

For now my best bet seems to be to either try and replicate my WP scheme within bbP which would take a lot of double work and maintenance when I apply changes to my blog or go with a different forum solution altogether. : /

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