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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

Been reading these forums for over two days and not making progress.

Have WordPress 2.71 (not MU) and then BBPress .9. WordPress is installed in a subdomain

Installed the Freshly Baked Cookies plugin to allow bbpress to read newer cookies. Both WordPress and BBPress work fine on their own.

If I create an Id with WordPress or BBPress I can log into both. Cookies are not shared. Have to login seperately.

If (after loggin in both) I logout of WordPress, then I am logged out of both. If I log out from BBPress I am still logged into WordPress.

The instructions on here are all over the place between various versions. Am thinking maybe tthere is other things that may have to be copied over from WP-CONFIG.PHP to BB-CONFIG.PHP. Could someone post something consise on what needs to be copied? Or anything else I should check?



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