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Re: WordPress + bbPress Integration 101

Something I could not find in this or any other thread concerning integration of with wp 2.5. Problem is that a login to either bbPress or WordPress will log a user OUT of the other, can not be logged into both at same time. Common problem but different question. Several people have suggested adding the following to the bb-config.php:

$bb->usercookie = ‘wordpressuser’;

$bb->passcookie = ‘wordpresspass’;

Questions: are these really needed, should the full hash number (wordpressuser_full.hash.number) also be included and if so, where do I find the hash code? Using Firefox, the I see two cookies when logged into either bb or wp:



The Secret keys are identical for both bb and wp config files. Also I have:

In bb-config file:

$bb->wp_table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

$bb->user_bbdb_name = ‘xxxxxxxxxx’;

$bb->user_bbdb_user = ‘xxxxxxxxxx’;

$bb->user_bbdb_password = ‘xxxxxxx’;

$bb->user_bbdb_host = ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’;

$bb->custom_user_table = ‘wp_users’;

$bb->custom_user_meta_table = ‘wp_usermeta’;

$bb->authcookie = ‘wordpress_cabxxxxxxx’; //identical to what is shown in Firefox cookie

$bb->cookiedomain = ‘’;

define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’);

$bb->cookiepath = ‘/’;

define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

$bb->sitecookiepath = ‘/’;

In wp-config:

$table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

$wp->cookiedomain = ‘’;

define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’);

$wp->cookiepath = ‘/’;

define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

$wp->sitecookiepath = ‘/’;

define(‘SITECOOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

A registered user is shown in both bb and wp.

Thanks for any help.

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