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Re: WordPress 2.7 options

Now, all this aside: I still can’t figure out why people want integrated logins, why they have users that both post to a blog and post in a forum. But, I don’t ask why.

On the blog, I (and my editors) post news stories of interest to the community. On the forum, everyone posts whatever. I use the same ID to moderate them all.

I suppose eventually I’ll end up with BuddyPress for some level of community, but right now people who want to chat with friends about like subjects hit the forums, people who want to comment on the news. It fits :) I agree this doesn’t fit every site, but y’know, that’s the beauty of the intartubes.

I can’t understand the benefit of cross posting the same blog post into the forum, personally :) I kind of see why people want to, but I’m not convinced it’ll work.

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