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Re: WordPress 2.7 and bbPress?

C Bog


i have spent some time now analyzing the code of bbpress and wordpress.

it seems to me that an update of the old bbpress code (version is unfeasable, because sam already managed to succesfully integrate version 1.0 with wordpress 2.7.1

all you have to do in order to use bbpress alpha with the recent versions of wordpress is to follow the bbpress installation instructions and it will work out of the box.

there is still some work to be done. as far as i can tell, bbpress and wordpess use multiple cookies for multiple paths. the one they share is the one for the root path. so… if you login into wordpress, you won’t be logged in into bbpress admin section. this does not happen the other way arround.

it is not recomended though to use the alpha version in production sites. for now, it seems that a downgrade of wordpress would be the best solution.

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