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Re: Why is phpBB better than bbPress?

Yes but defining ‘better’ is really subjective! :)

Look, better for ONE of my sites is a barebones bb. Better for the other is Invision. It has to do with what you, as an admin, want to support, what kind of users you have, what you need to integrate your site with, etc etc etc.

In short: Any answer you get will be based on the specific individual needs.

You’re never going to get a definitive answer. Instead, you need to ask a better question: “What features do you feel are important in forum software?” Then you get a list of the default features in each board software and list them all.

From THAT, you can make a breakdown of ‘Who handles which plugin better?’ and have multi-choice.

Which would kind of be a cool app to help people pick the right forum software, but it still rolls back to ‘what’s right for you?’ :)

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