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Re: Where is WordPress “auth” cookie salt in WPMU 2.7.1?

Just a couple helpers as I’m on the road:

1.) try wp-admin/options.php and do a search on that page for the values you seek.

2.) Install the integration plugin, enter the settings for this plugin directory correctly. Do what it tells you 100%. Things like forum location, and extra defines to put in the config are crucial.

3.) Make sure you actually go into the ‘wordpress integration’ settings option in bb-press’s admin section (bb-admin/).

4.) When adjusting any of these settings, the order of how the app looks at these values is something like (don’t hold me to this, i’m working off of memory here): [option already initialized? starting up then no -> defined in config dot php? no -> Database.]

5.) As long as your doing vanilla HTTP and not doing HTTPS authentication everyting will work out of the box given you do exactly as your told by the apps/plug-ins. HTTPS would be chocolate and you’d have to do something to the integration plug-in to force a ‘secure-auth’ cookie generated. Do a search on this, I’ve covered this in another post.

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