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Re: where did get_profile_info_keys() function go in

Hi fel64!

(my computer died almost one month ago and now I am where I left then :) )

“Just use the filter get_profile_info_keys instead.”

-> what do you mean? adding that function to functions.php?

In the previous bb press version and in order to make signature plugin to work, you needed to add this in functions.php;

“find the get_profile_info_keys() function, which should be on or around line 1761. In the line that starts with array(‘user_email’…, add the following code before the last “)” in the line. Note the comma.

, ‘sig’ => array(0, __(‘Signature’))

This will add the signature field to the profile edit page, enabling users to input their own signatures.”

Now there is no such function in functions.php

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