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where did get_profile_info_keys() function go in

  • I just installed and it seems functions.php have changed a lot.

    Where is get_profile_info_keys() function now? Signature plugin doesn’t work because you need to insert code in that line.

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  • I duno. Just use the filter get_profile_info_keys instead.

    Hi fel64!

    (my computer died almost one month ago and now I am where I left then :) )

    “Just use the filter get_profile_info_keys instead.”

    -> what do you mean? adding that function to functions.php?

    In the previous bb press version and in order to make signature plugin to work, you needed to add this in functions.php;

    “find the get_profile_info_keys() function, which should be on or around line 1761. In the line that starts with array(‘user_email’…, add the following code before the last “)” in the line. Note the comma.

    , ‘sig’ => array(0, __(‘Signature’))

    This will add the signature field to the profile edit page, enabling users to input their own signatures.”

    Now there is no such function in functions.php

    Code like this:

    add_filter('get_profile_info_keys', 'add_sig_key');
    function add_sig_key( $keys ) {
    $keys['sig'] = array(0, __('Signature'));

    Just add that to the plugin file. It should probably work, but it’s a bit of a guess.

    Much better to do it this way with a plugin than editing core files, too.

    It didn’t work :) It reports errors whenever the template calls the signature.

    Perhaps this kind of stuff should be included in the core.

    Meh, even if that didn’t work, code like it can work. I don’t know how the signature plugin works but the capability to do it _is_ in the core.

    I’d better remove signatures from the template till the plugin is updated

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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