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Re: What’s integration?



I’m bummed! I just stabalized a good install of BBPress. Good news is I have no content in there, so I guess a fresh install isn’t too painful.

I’m going to go back and do a fresh install of WP at the root level of one of my sites, then nest BBPress in a directory called ‘forums’ on that site (this is where I assume I’ll tweak the config file FOR BBPRESS to access the existing WP users before running through the browser installation pages).

Does this sound right?

So steps in this order:

1. Fresh install of WordPress 2

2. Fresh install of BBPress nested in a directory (just moving files)

3. Before fully installing BBPress, tweak config file to target existing WordPress DB table for users

4. Adjust cookies

I’m good on most of this but what about item #4?

Thanks for any comments in advance!

David Martinez

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