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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



What about bbpress 2.0?

I think that most of the common problems could be handled in 1 week.

Most recent problems I have with bbpress:

1st I need seo-optimized permalinks. (without “forums” and “topic”)

2nd I need a facebook connect option

3rd Ineed a cool template simliar to sam bauers bbpress 2.0 template.

Whit this I would be happy.

There where only some attemps to solve the problem with the permalinks. There is also a plugin for this but there are some small problems which an expert could solve within minutes. The same for fb-connect. An expert could solve the problem within minutes.

Regarding the bbpress 2.0 template I don’t now how long it could take to get it work. But with that bbpress would be excellent.

For most other things there are already some plugins…some just need to be updated to the current bbpress version. Thats all. (in my view.)

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