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Re: What's happening with bbPress?

@dailytalk – thanks for posting your real world experiences. I would like to ask that you also include the version of bbpress that you are using?


I am under the impression that most of the plugins do not work properly with the current version, so a fresh install today is even MUCH further away from the basic functionality of smforums, phpbb, vbulletin, etc.

A serious problem that plagues wordpress, bbpress, and I should mention similar projects including phpfox, is companies that develop new releases often leave lots of broken plugins and themes – most users get so frustrated not knowing to upgrade and lose functionality – or stay downgraded and have possible security issues. This is a major problem that has me admiring the way vbulletin posts whether or not plugins / extensions will be supported by the core company.

The main thing that keeps me using bbpress in a few sites is the price, along with the glimmer of hope that since it is integrated into buddypress. Certainly at some point there will be functioning photo, attachment, moderation and other functions, that the WP / BP /BB community will have to have – even if new versions of one break the other. – Unfortunately it’s tough to hold one’s breath with these projects, and seeing the nightmares of bugs, lost functionality, and the time it takes to get back to square 2 after one of the other projects has been upgraded to square three – it’s devastating.

I for one would love to see image and file attachments, along with something like tinymce incorporated into the core of BBpress – but even if they are not, I would like to see important plugins like these and moderation, etc, all be maintained and tested and upgraded along with any new releases by the bbpress developers.

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