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Re: What do you consider an “important action”?



Looking good Nightgunner5, and great to see you back.

While possibly a little self serving, i’d strongly suggest doing our upmost to make this plugin work for 0.9 for a number of reasons:

1) 0.9 is officially the stable branch and has been for over 9 months now.

2) 1.0.6alpha is nowhere near being the beta.

3) The next alpha is going to break alot of functions and plugins, to the point that _ck_ has already stated she’s not going to fix her plugins from 1.0.7a -> 1RC1 at the earliest. Aiming this code for 1.0.6a, is probably going to give you more work in the long run.

4) I know that Sam has posted on the blog that the proposed function changes might not happen now, but there’s still alot of open tickets out there; and alot of works been done on BBpress since 1.0.6a alpha in January. Add in to that all the work done for “talkpress”, and there’s no way the next version is goin to be near RC1 level.

5) WordPress 2.8 is coming with a new authentication system (yes new to 2.5 and 2.6/2.7’s authentication system), so even if we do get a new release of BBpress at the same time, there’s a whole bunch of coding to be done and tested as an alpha – let alone having the 1.0.beta released at the same time.

Either way, and with the best will in the world, 0.9 is going to be the “stable” release of BBpress for at least the summer. Today’s the 2nd of May, and we’ve not seen an update to 1.0.6a. If 1.0.7 is released on Monday, we’ll have at least 4 weeks of user reports and bug fixes before the next release. If that’s the beta and not not another alpha release, then we’ll have a few weeks of testing/fixing before an RC, and then at least a week before the final release.

Obviously it’s GREAT that you’re building this plugin, and from what i’ve read – it looks ace ( I’m about to install at home in a few minutes), but given the very changeable nature of alpha’s, it’s probably wise to focus more on 0.9 computability; and then making a version1 port when it’s in beta or release candidate. Just my two cents mate.

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