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Re: What do you consider an “important action”?

Just installed the latest development version on 0.9 – it looks like it’s working!!

Two quick questions:

1. Where is the moderation log for moving/deleting topics?

I activated all four parts of the moderation suite and then moved one topic and deleted another. Then I started digging around for a moderation log, to see if they showed up… I found a moderation log here, under the users tab:


I didn’t see a log of the topic moving or deletion though… are those logged somewhere else? I must be looking in the wrong place.

2. How do users Report another user

I didn’t see a place where users could report another user… is there a tag for that I should stick in the template?

I *really* love the idea of being able to warn and ban users – for now, I’ve been PM’ing users manually which is a real drag! Thanks for porting this to 0.9!!

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