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Re: What are the future plans for bbpress ?

Sam Bauers


The slower development cycle on bbPress at the moment is mainly because there is one active committer – mdawaffe – one other committer – matt – and only a few regular core contributors (i.e. patch suppliers) – so10, sambauers and very few others.

mdawaffe has been a little absent from bbPress recently, but he also works on WordPress and other projects within Automattic a lot, so maybe that is where he is concentrating at the moment. There is a chance that mdawaffe is working on some non-public project that has to do with bbPress, but I can’t confirm that.

matt started bbPress, but these days doesn’t work on bbPress much at all.

so1o has been quiet around here lately too, although he recently revamped his personal website (built on wordpress/bbPress). Maybe he can tell us what he is up to at the moment himself?

I (sambauers) am in the middle of finishing a major release of my own open source project and won’t be doing anything at all (besides lurking in this forum) until next month.

So it basically comes down to these four people to make bbPress go forward at the moment, and for various reasons they aren’t working on it at the moment.

Please keep in mind that I can’t speak with any authority for the others I have mentioned here and I am happy to be corrected, but this is the best account of the situation I can give at the moment.

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