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Re: What are the future plans for bbpress ?



I’ll be getting back to bbPress, devoting much more time to my bbPress showcase/plugins/themes in October and hopefully that will help in it’s own little way to promote bbPress adoption (and therefore my original scheme of attracting more coders to it).

The rush job on the WP 2.3 release is suspect. I personally felt it was way too soon and could have benefited from much more. I recently installed 2.3 for a new site and kept asking myself why are there the same problems/limitation I encountered with my first 2.0 setup? I notice 2.3 just happens to coincide with the release of the new “WordPress for Dummies” book and I believe the author is a close friend of Matt’s? Hmm. But oh well, enough ranting about WP and back to nagging about bbPress :-)

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