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Re: Using plugin tags on wordpress



Hmm, I don’t think any bbpress functions are loaded when your WP is loaded is it? If not, then you’ll have to build the link from scratch. Link building in bbpress is one of those things you just gotta figure out from doing it a few times (and staring at core code).

Since you’re doing it specifically for your forums, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in plugin form (which is preferable for me since I never made WP plugins). So I would do something like this:

Look at the code used to get the logged in user’s name.

Get the ID of that user anyway you can (you can search the db for the username or use a wp function that I don’t know about).

Start the link formation like $link = “”

Then you can either add the user ID directly to the end using a regular expression ( add a .$userid to the end of the previous line) or just do $link += $userid;

Setup the link with the a href and all that junk.

I wish I could give you more specific code, but like I said, I’ve never done much WP coding.

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