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Re: Using bbpress forum content within a wordpress page

An update: I got this working by doing “complex” integration of bbPress+Wordpress and now I run bbPress mounted at /forum/ but inside of bbPress it has access to all the WP functions and so my theme is able to run wp plugins, widgets, etc.

I wrote a plugin (that happens to live in wp, but really it’s all the same now).. that hooks ‘bb_template’, ‘bb_get_forum_bread_crumb’, ‘get_forums’, ‘bb_index.php_pre_db’, ‘bb_forum.php_pre_db’, and a couple others.

My plugin alows you to specify with “sub forum” is associated with a blog, and when you go to the forum page for that blog, it shows a fully functioning bbPress for that forum and below. It’s actually running bbPress, and this plugin, with access to the wordpress themes, widgets, etc.

What’s cool about this is that my main bbPress site, which includes all of the forums, including these blog forums, shows all the forum content as well.

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