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Using bbpress forum content within a wordpress page

  • Hey,

    I’ve recently begun to play with bbpress in conjunction with wordpress.

    I’ve figured out how to include an RSS feed of a bbpress post & author to display as “author on “title of the post”” by using the following code:

    <?php include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/rss.php’); wp_rss(‘;, 5); ?>

    Does anyone know how to include an excerpt of the post, time and change the formatting.

    Basically I’m aiming for the feed to create something like this….

    …Alternativly, is there an easier way to include or embed bbpress or any other forum into wordpress?

    Any advice is very much appreciated :)

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  • chrishajer


    There’s no easy way to embed bbPress into a WordPress page, I don’t think. There are forum plugins for WordPress that work inside a WordPress page, but I have no experience with them.

    (sorry, that search is pathetic but that’s where I’d start)

    Sam Bauers


    1.0 will include XML-RPC for all bbPress content.

    It would be quite easy to create a plugin for WordPress which fetches content via XML-RPC and turns it into an array.

    I am also looking for such a thing.

    I’ve been hacking on a WP plugin that will embed a forum into a page, but it’s not working yet.

    I’d love to find out if someone else has already built this.

    I am looking to embed a full fledged forum not just a feed. I want posting, navigation etc.

    So, let’s say you had wordpress at:

    And you made a wordpress page call /forum/

    And you wanted to embed bbPress there.

    Why is not not the same as running bbPress at /forum/?

    Well, I want wp to handle the rendering of the header, footer, sidebar, etc. I just want the page content to be bbPress.



    Why? I think it’s because bbPress is not a WordPress plugin. There are already other forum plugins for WordPress. bbPress is not one of them.

    Isn’t Sam’s plugin almost what you’re looking for:

    It’s not a fully fledged forum plugin, but I’m guessing it’s something you could build on.

    An update: I got this working by doing “complex” integration of bbPress+Wordpress and now I run bbPress mounted at /forum/ but inside of bbPress it has access to all the WP functions and so my theme is able to run wp plugins, widgets, etc.

    I wrote a plugin (that happens to live in wp, but really it’s all the same now).. that hooks ‘bb_template’, ‘bb_get_forum_bread_crumb’, ‘get_forums’, ‘bb_index.php_pre_db’, ‘bb_forum.php_pre_db’, and a couple others.

    My plugin alows you to specify with “sub forum” is associated with a blog, and when you go to the forum page for that blog, it shows a fully functioning bbPress for that forum and below. It’s actually running bbPress, and this plugin, with access to the wordpress themes, widgets, etc.

    What’s cool about this is that my main bbPress site, which includes all of the forums, including these blog forums, shows all the forum content as well.

    @zappoman Any chance you can share the wealth and make the plugin available? :) Cheers



    pbarry4 – please post what you’re looking to do exactly. Since this post was made other posts have been made that explain how to do this as well.

    Thanks chrishajer, essentially I want to merge bbpress into my existing WP theme (same header & footer). Ideally the bbpress would be embedded into a wp page.

    I’ve since found an article which achieves what I’m looking to do.

    I’ll also search this forum for updated threads on the topic.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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