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Re: Users dont receive password after registration

I have a similar problem. WordPress sends notifications from my server quite happily (although it takes about 72 hours after a post/comment to appear until I get the e mail, but with BB-press, this is a significant problem. I’m still waiting after 2 days for an e mailed password. In the end I used the md5sum function to create the hashed password iof my choosing and pasted that directly into the user table.

Could future releases allow users to choose their own passwords at the time of registration?

I have got BB working, but a number of bugs. How do I report them?

How do I permanently delete posts? Can I lock forums?

If the is_bozo line appears for a user in the user_meta table, even if the value is “1” posts are marked as spam. Updating the user profile with 0 seems to fix this.

There are several others I have found, usually fixed by editing the tables directly using phpMyadmin!

Server is running FC6, MySql 14.12 Distrib 5.0.27, php 4.4.7 and apache 2.2.4

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