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Users dont receive password after registration

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  • If that is too much work, can someone point me to the function that emails the user?

    If I run mail from the command prompt at sourceforge, it is successful. So the problem must lie somewhere else.

    The email functions are in registration-functions.php in bb-includes.

    The mail function doesnt do anything on sourceforge. I wrote a sample php file and ran it:




    mail( ‘pravinp[at]gmail[dot]com’, “subject”, “message”, ‘From: pravinp[at]gmail[at]com’);




    And it didnt send me the email.

    Anybody know how I can fix this?

    Umm, sourceforge has stopped the ablity for webservers to send email.

    point 12.

    Now I’ll have to figure out how to use cron :|

    Finally got it to work. Patch:

    Index: bb-includes/registration-functions.php


    --- bb-includes/registration-functions.php (revision 502)

    +++ bb-includes/registration-functions.php (working copy)

    @@ -35,9 +35,9 @@

    return array($user_id, $password);

    } else {

    bb_update_usermeta( $user_id, $bb_table_prefix . 'capabilities', array('member' => true) );

    - bb_send_pass( $user_id, $password );

    + #bb_send_pass( $user_id, $password );

    do_action('bb_new_user', $user_id);

    - return $user_id;

    + return array($user_id, $password);



    Index: bb-templates/register-success.php


    — bb-templates/register-success.php (revision 502)

    +++ bb-templates/register-success.php (working copy)

    @@ -4,6 +4,6 @@

    <h2 id="register"><?php _e('Great!'); ?></h2>

    -<p><?php printf(__('Your registration as <strong>%s</strong> was successful. Within a few minutes you should receive an email with your password.'), $user_login) ?></p>

    +<p><?php printf(__('Your registration was successful.<br /><br />Username: <b>%s</b><br />Password: <b>%s</b>'), $user_login, $user_password) ?></p>

    <?php bb_get_footer(); ?>

    Index: register.php


    — register.php (revision 502)

    +++ register.php (working copy)

    @@ -28,7 +28,9 @@

    $user_safe = false;

    if ( $user_login && $user_safe && $user_email && !$bad_input) :

    – $user_id = bb_new_user( $user_login, $user_email, $user_url );

    + $userinfo = bb_new_user( $user_login, $user_email, $user_url );

    + $user_id = $userinfo[0];

    + $user_password = $userinfo[1];

    foreach( $profile_info_keys as $key => $label )

    if ( strpos($key, 'user_') !== 0 && $$key !== '' )

    bb_update_usermeta( $user_id, $key, $$key );



    Pravin. This patch worked fine for me. Thanks! I hope this will be done in the next version, without having to repeat it.

    Me too. It’s not done yet. Trying v0.8.1 now :D

    Pravin you should post this patch as a ticket in TRAC so that the powers to be might get it in there (if you haven’t already or they already fixed it!)




    I am looking for a similar/same fix. I have no smtp/mail sending abilities, and I am looking for a way to print it nicely on screen. Can one of you please explain the above ‘fix’ :) I’ve just begun attempting to use php so I don’t quite understand yet.

    Trent:I don’t know if this should go in the main branch. This patch is for those people who can not send mail from their servers.

    master501: If you don’t know how to use patch, just open the files in notepad and change the lines marked with – to the ones marked with +



    what does the

    @@ -x,y +x,y @@



    They are line numbers.

    Index: register.php


    tells you the filename.

    That link has the patch file without wrapping.



    I’m having such a hard time reading this patch.. could someone help me out here?



    Does this work on 0.8.1 ?

    As best as I can tell this does not work on 0.8.1. The code appears to have changed quite a bit between then and now. Thinking that the latest replies are not getting responses because the status on this thread is set to “resolved”, I created a new thread at however after 5 days there is still no response. It looks like sourceforge users are too small a minority.

    Read this for a full resolution. It emails users their passwords too :)

    I have a similar problem. WordPress sends notifications from my server quite happily (although it takes about 72 hours after a post/comment to appear until I get the e mail, but with BB-press, this is a significant problem. I’m still waiting after 2 days for an e mailed password. In the end I used the md5sum function to create the hashed password iof my choosing and pasted that directly into the user table.

    Could future releases allow users to choose their own passwords at the time of registration?

    I have got BB working, but a number of bugs. How do I report them?

    How do I permanently delete posts? Can I lock forums?

    If the is_bozo line appears for a user in the user_meta table, even if the value is “1” posts are marked as spam. Updating the user profile with 0 seems to fix this.

    There are several others I have found, usually fixed by editing the tables directly using phpMyadmin!

    Server is running FC6, MySql 14.12 Distrib 5.0.27, php 4.4.7 and apache 2.2.4

    I don’t know about chosen passwords.

    Bugs go to

    No permanent deletion yet.

    No locking forums.

    Yes. If is_bozo is 1, that is true, and the user is considered a spammer. 0 means they are not a bozo/spammer.

    Several other whats you have found?

    Thank you – sorry, some other anomolies/bugs! The bozo setting is strange as the default setting in the user profile is (literally) “1” but there is no entry imn the meta table. Manually setting the setting to “1” (including quotes) then generates the row in the meta table with the value “1” (including quotes) with the user set to bozo! Perhaps the default setting in the table should be 0.

    Chosen passwords might be preferable to having to wait 48 hours or more for registration password to arrive. This mechanism seems unreliable, but I’m not sure if it is a local server issue or a issue…

    You’re running this on How’d you manage that? 😮

    Anyway, you need this fix because the default setting should indeed be 0. Once the fix is applied, you also have to go to each affected user and set their status to 0 again.

    Sorry – no, not running this on, it is on my own server, however (unless I have not read the headers properly) the e mails don’t appear to originate from my server. I created two test accounts last night – 10 hours later the e mails still haven’t arrived!

    Thank you for details of the fix. It worked (after fixing another @ strpos problem in the functions.php script) however I see that setting is bozo to zero in the admin pages removes the table row, rather than restting it to zero (i.e. setting to one creates the table row with the value 1, resetting it to zero deletes the row, rather than just resetting the value!) which seems strange behaviour – but hey – it works! No doubt it will be swept up in future versions!

    I have been looking into the problems with passwords not being sent – so this is more of a sendmail/apache query. (I am a bit of a newbie at this)

    My mail log shows the following entry:

    Jun 17 12:48:35 peter_l sendmail[858]: l5FM5vOE017116: to=<>, ctladdr= (48/48), delay=1+13:42:18, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=3630508,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Name server: host name lookup failure.

    My SMTP server (where my normally generated e mail by my e mail client is sent) is How and where do I set that up in sendmail or apache (as the control address semms to reference apache)

    What is really strange is that sometimes I do get e mail from the blog, although it is often delayed, so I guess that sometimes the email is getting through…

    Any help or insight gratefully received.

    Password e mailing problem sorted by manually editing the sendmail config file to add my external e mail relay.

    What version does the patch, for showing the password in the browser, work with. And where can I get it?

    I’m having similar issues, where people are registering, but no e-mail containing a password is sent to them. Any help?

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