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Re: upgrade error



You’re absolutely right. Sorry about that. This is how it was done before the 0.9 release. Now it looks like that option was moved into the database. In the database in the bb_topicmeta table, there is an entry with a meta_key of uri that holds this value. I think that means it was entered when you went through the installation, and gets inserted into the database. I just tried another installation with and that value is prefilled in the form.

Site address (URL):

We have attempted to guess this, it's usually correct, but change it here if you wish.


The correct URL was prefilled here. When I clear it out and submit, I get the following error:

Site address (URL): • This value is required to continue.

So, for some reason, it looks like this error check did not work for you, or the value that was inserted into the database is not valid. Can you use a tool like phpMyAdmin to look at the database and see if you have a bb_topicmeta table, with a record that has a meta_key of uri and see that the value is? The record is meta_id 3 in my installation.

If you can’t do that, can you reinstall if you have not used the forum yet?

Also, I see you’re on IIS. I wonder if there are any differences with hosting there from what I am used to, which is Linux and Apache.

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