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Re: Updated to Desmond But Theme Not Working

Do you have any issues transitioning from a desktop environment to a server environment (as I did, with MySQL and PHP versions and configs and such)?

To tell you the truth, I didn’t have any issues going from my Xampp Lite localhost copies, straight to my live servers. I just find it odd though that this whole time of running that bbPress on the localhost, and just applying the SVN updated files from time to time. It was fine..

It was only when I installed it fresh, with the latest copies of Trunk that it gave me this problem. I SVN CO the trunk on my other new domain via SSH and it went smoothly… no troubles though, I guess that’s to be expected. Hmm.. I’ll have to look into the problem a little deeper.

I’m trying to when I have the time, but with being so busy.. it’s hard taking a gander at it…sigh.

How about installing a linux distro in house since your server is linux also?

Geesh, didn’t even think of that, or try it. Thanks for that, I’ll have to give it a go then. ;) :)


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