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Re: Trying To Set Up BBPress with WordPress to Work Together



Very good tip.

That worked. I am so close to having this working that I can almost taste it.

I am able to go into the admin panel, (“Dash Board”) of the BBPress now. I have also read the bbPress Plug in folder’s readme file:

This directory is reserved for plugins distributed with the bbPress core package.

If you wish to install more plugins, you should create a new directory called “my-plugins” in the base directory of your bbPress installation and

install them there, not here.

That is good to know.

I did this and I went to the admin panel

It worked

“WordPress-bbPress syncronization” plugin activated

So the bbPress seems to be all ready to haved this going.

Now, I went back to the WordPress Dashboard and pulled up the page for the setup of the plugin on that end.

The only problem I have now is what to give for the bbPress Url. It does not like what I have given for this so for.

bbPress url URL is incorrect or connection error, please verify it (full variant):

I have tried a few things. Nothing has worked. Please advise. Thanks for your help so far.

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