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Trying To Set Up BBPress with WordPress to Work Together

  • xarzu


    I am trying to set up BBPress with WordPress so that they work together.

    I have already got WordPress installed and set up. I tried to get a plugin installed to make it work with another BB, MyBB, but I had some problems installing this plug-in and so I did my best to remove it. I doubt this is what is causing my current problems, though.

    I installed BBPress and when I did there were options to provide so that it would work with WordPress. But it did not seem to work.

    I then installed the plug in. And I tried it briefly.

    But then I noticed that I also needed to install the same plug in on the BBPress side. But now I notied that I could not go to the admin directory. When I typed the path to the admin area for BBPress it automatically went to the default BBPress root directory.

    One possible issue might be the fact that I declared the keymaster on the BBPress to be the same username as the admin for WordPress. And the only password that will work when I log on to BBPress is the same password I used for WordPress. Will that be an issue.

    The problem is that I ccnot go to the admin panel on the BBPress to do anything.

    Please help.

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  • Try this plugin to restore access?



    Very good tip.

    That worked. I am so close to having this working that I can almost taste it.

    I am able to go into the admin panel, (“Dash Board”) of the BBPress now. I have also read the bbPress Plug in folder’s readme file:

    This directory is reserved for plugins distributed with the bbPress core package.

    If you wish to install more plugins, you should create a new directory called “my-plugins” in the base directory of your bbPress installation and

    install them there, not here.

    That is good to know.

    I did this and I went to the admin panel

    It worked

    “WordPress-bbPress syncronization” plugin activated

    So the bbPress seems to be all ready to haved this going.

    Now, I went back to the WordPress Dashboard and pulled up the page for the setup of the plugin on that end.

    The only problem I have now is what to give for the bbPress Url. It does not like what I have given for this so for.

    bbPress url URL is incorrect or connection error, please verify it (full variant):

    I have tried a few things. Nothing has worked. Please advise. Thanks for your help so far.

    Several other users of that plugin reported similar issues on the comments of the plugin page:

    It seems like one cause of that was that some servers don’t allow outgoing connections:

    Maybe check with your host about that?



    Is this thing, this setting or server feature, called “php-curl “?

    This is also called “PHP Client URL Library” and my web site hosting provider says they support this and it is ready to use on my website.

    I don’t know, I’m not that familiar with that particular plugin… sorry!

    You may want to try emailing the plugin author? He mentioned in the comments a few times that he’d provide custom programming or support in exchange for a donation, so you may want to offer that?

    Let us know how it turns out!



    Does the plug in work?

    My problem is that after “URL is incorrect or connection error, please verify it (full variant): ” it has a url address to a file that is mixed up. How do I clear it out? And no matter what I put in the field for the the bbPress url, it does not change it.

    Hopefully the plugin developer can help you… his contact information is here:



    Ah Ha!!

    I just got the bbPress url working!! (happy emoticon here) It is good to see it say

    bbPress url Everything is ok!

    It is a little tricky. The trick is that the plugin php for bbpress and for wordpress have different file names and you do NOT use the exact same zip file for both plug ins.

    Now I just need to know what the secret key in wordpress and bbpress is and where to find it. This is the new error.



    I put in something for the Secret Key but it says “Error! Not equal secret keys in WordPress and bbPress”.

    Why and how do I fix this? I am on the WordPress side doing bbPress syncronization. Do I need to go to

    the bbPress side and put the same Secret Key somewhere?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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