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Re: This forum tagline is tell us what you are thinking?

Don’t confuse ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘tell us what you’re thinking’ with ‘I can say anything I want and you have to keep the post up.’

I don’t advocate deleting a post without explaining why, however bbPress mods have the right to delete any post they don’t want to have on the site for any reason. I also don’t assume ‘they hate me’ or ‘they don’t want to hear this’ when I post feedback that is a bit of criticism and the post is deleted. There are a lot of reasons to delete a post. Maybe it was felt this wasn’t a post for public discussion, or they wanted to mull it over without having a deluge mud-slinging (which even if your post wasn’t offensive at all, we’ve seen how people get when they get riled up).

In lieu of guidelines, one can fairly assume only this, and little more: Posting is at the discretion of the people who own and maintain the site.

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