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Re: There was a problem connecting to the WordPress user database you specified. Please check the settin

Just similair problem as yours…. may be the same….

I installed the latest version of WordPress on one of our servers, and thought it would be a nice thing to get it cooperating with bbpress.

Accordingly you have to install bbpress and configured it to cooperate with wp.

Then on wp you have to install a plugin called WordPress-bbPress syncronization and configure that thing too.

On top of this module you will find a box asking you for the directory of the bbpress installation.

Now given the right address of the bbpress installation, it will build up a link between both by using the

/bbpress/my-plugins/wordpress-bbpress-syncronization/bbwp-sync.php program, as there is obviously needed some code to execute syncronization.

In my case this file and directory is completely missing, so even with everything coded the right way, missing the program nothing can happen.

I have even set permissions to up to 777, meaning readable, executable, writable for whoever, but the file is neither generated nor downloaded nor extracted.

Accordingly I guess it is missing in the installation package, or the routine to write that thing hangs somewhere…

Hope it was clearer…

In any case as soon we get an answer here ,and if you need assistance , it will be a pleasure to help…



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