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Re: Theme integration between bbPress and WP…

Jim R


Ok…after further testing and striking out, here is what a guy helping me and I have found out. We go through the ‘deep integration’ process, requiring the wp-load.php file in bb-config.php. Then we change all the bb_get_header(); with get_header();. That passes through the Hybrid News header’s style information but not the navigation.

When you link directly to the front-page.php, it shows the whole header, which is navigation, a banner ad I have in the header, everything. The same applies when you link directly to any of the affected pages in bbPress. However, it stops executing from there. So you just have the header and that’s it. There aren’t any errors showing up either.

So using my limited knowledge of PHP and my only slightly more developed since of deduction, one thing we can think which is different is we are bypassing:

path to bbpress / index.php

Here is that code:




$bb_db_override = false;
do_action( 'bb_index.php_pre_db' );

if ( isset($_GET['new']) && '1' == $_GET['new'] ) :
$forums = false;
elseif ( !$bb_db_override ) :
$forums = bb_get_forums(); // Comment to hide forums
if ( $topics = get_latest_topics( false, $page ) ) {
bb_cache_last_posts( $topics );
if ( $super_stickies = get_sticky_topics() ) {
bb_cache_last_posts( $super_stickies );

bb_load_template( 'front-page.php', array('bb_db_override', 'super_stickies') );


This has to be easy (for those who really know PHP and WP). Right? Sadly, I’m not that kind of guy. It’s a bummer to have this kicka$$ WP theme and not have it be able to merge thematically with bbPress.

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