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Theme integration between bbPress and WP…

  • Jim R


    I know there are many topics out there dealing with this, but there doesn’t seem to be a set way of doing it. Right now, I have…


    …in my bbconfig.php file. I have changed all of the bb_get_header to get_header in my bbPress theme, and I have done the same with my footer. What isn’t carrying over is my site’s navigation. I’m using the Hybrid News theme for WP and kakumei for bbPress.

    I’d like to have full or most of my WP functionality for my bbPress, but at this point, other than maybe adding some widgets to a sidebar, I’m not sure what my plan is there. I definitely need all of my header information.

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  • chrishajer


    You could ask Justin Tadlock about Hybrid for bbPress.

    Is the header and footer carrying over OK, except for the navigation?

    Jim R


    Justin is saying to ask everyone over here. It’s like the old days when Adobe products weren’t meshing well with Windows 95. : )

    With the exception of a few layout issues, it’s it appears the header and footer are carrying over. I’m willing to dig into those on my own, considering the number of files it involves, after I know the navigation and other functionality also carry over. Mostly just wanting to focus on getting the navigation to carry over.

    Jim R


    Now…we can at least state between the require code and the get_header();, it works on an otherwise blank page. So this can’t be a WP template issue. Using just the following:


    I get this:

    That works as it should. When I put the code in the bbPress template (the require code in bb-config and the get_header wherever bb_get_header is, it doesn’t work.

    The code he uses calls the WP theme header.php but the WP header is showing null when he is in his forums.

    Jim R


    Ok…after further testing and striking out, here is what a guy helping me and I have found out. We go through the ‘deep integration’ process, requiring the wp-load.php file in bb-config.php. Then we change all the bb_get_header(); with get_header();. That passes through the Hybrid News header’s style information but not the navigation.

    When you link directly to the front-page.php, it shows the whole header, which is navigation, a banner ad I have in the header, everything. The same applies when you link directly to any of the affected pages in bbPress. However, it stops executing from there. So you just have the header and that’s it. There aren’t any errors showing up either.

    So using my limited knowledge of PHP and my only slightly more developed since of deduction, one thing we can think which is different is we are bypassing:

    path to bbpress / index.php

    Here is that code:




    $bb_db_override = false;
    do_action( 'bb_index.php_pre_db' );

    if ( isset($_GET['new']) && '1' == $_GET['new'] ) :
    $forums = false;
    elseif ( !$bb_db_override ) :
    $forums = bb_get_forums(); // Comment to hide forums
    if ( $topics = get_latest_topics( false, $page ) ) {
    bb_cache_last_posts( $topics );
    if ( $super_stickies = get_sticky_topics() ) {
    bb_cache_last_posts( $super_stickies );

    bb_load_template( 'front-page.php', array('bb_db_override', 'super_stickies') );


    This has to be easy (for those who really know PHP and WP). Right? Sadly, I’m not that kind of guy. It’s a bummer to have this kicka$$ WP theme and not have it be able to merge thematically with bbPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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