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Re: theme: hybrid template



I need to go back and change the bottom into a table like I did with the FutureKind theme. That will solve both the border on the headers and the spacing is an easy fix with line-height. I haven’t released it because I still have to clean up some CSS laziness that I did and put in some conditional code for bb-topic-views (so it will still work right if people don’t have it installed)

The server load on dreamhost is always wrong (as with their microtime so the page render time is always wrong). Dreamhost uses a NFS filesystem where the files are remote from the server the code is executing on. So if there is a file queue, the load will be artificially high, it’s not CPU load, it’s disk load (which affects the overall load numbers).

I only paid $20 for that dreamhost (for a year promo) and will not be renewing. It’s mind-boggling that some people pay over $100 a year for that hosting.

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