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theme: hybrid template

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  • Looks pretty good in FF. You could push the google ad down a bit. It looks to cluttered there squashed upside your views and tags section.



    It’s like that on purpose ;-)

    That hosting only costs like $10 a year but it still costs.

    Obviously if anyone wanted to use the template I’d either remove the ad entirely or put a space there if they wanted.

    Its Nice theme actually

    And for me the size its really neat! and light….

    See in firefox, seems no problemo…

    When its release ?



    It’s a nice theme, Though I think the views could use a little more line spacing, and maybe a bit of padding between the header/footer and the content. But that’s just me.

    And in a different topic, 8.9 Server Load? Ouch!



    Oh sorry, I’ve created a new main theme so this one isn’t visible anymore by default.

    However thanks to a theme switcher I pieced together you can now see it this way:

    (I’m calling it “Kakumei Too” for lack of a more creative name right now)

    You can switch to other themes using the toggle in the bottom right.

    Aha! It’s nice, I think it needs a small bottom border on the Views and Hot Tags headers, you know, like the other headers ^_^.

    Again, I think the list of views could use a bit more space between lines.

    Seriously, what’s with your serverload O_O. Do you want some free hosting for that stuff? It’s not healthy to live in a server with 9+ server load.

    When are you going to make kakumei too available _ck_ ? I’ve been drooling over it for a week or two now :)



    I need to go back and change the bottom into a table like I did with the FutureKind theme. That will solve both the border on the headers and the spacing is an easy fix with line-height. I haven’t released it because I still have to clean up some CSS laziness that I did and put in some conditional code for bb-topic-views (so it will still work right if people don’t have it installed)

    The server load on dreamhost is always wrong (as with their microtime so the page render time is always wrong). Dreamhost uses a NFS filesystem where the files are remote from the server the code is executing on. So if there is a file queue, the load will be artificially high, it’s not CPU load, it’s disk load (which affects the overall load numbers).

    I only paid $20 for that dreamhost (for a year promo) and will not be renewing. It’s mind-boggling that some people pay over $100 a year for that hosting.

    ahh, I see :) It’s nice. Well, if you ever need hosting, do contact me. That’s the least I could do for the best bbpress plugin coder :D.



    *blush* definitely not the best. Most active at the moment, but in a year with 10,000 bbPress users and 100+ developers, no one will even remember my nickname. Heck I can’t even get “admin can post anything” to work right, it’s driving me crazy.

    Actually I was going to put a call out for free hosting as my dreamhost account expires sometime near the end of this month.

    But I need an account with shell and a decent server so it’s tricky to find cheap & stable. I hate moving my site ever other month but I always learn something from the move when it breaks code.

    Practice makes perfect and you have a great headstart. I’ll talk with my associate about shell access and everything and see if we can reach a nice agreement :)



    I really like the theme and would possibly like to use it for a project, but it seems that has been taken down. Is there somewhere else I can download it?

    Gaaah! The site is seriously screwed up. It loops to, prompts for password, and I can’t seem to get past that. Had to shut down firefox.

    _ck_ yer site puked!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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